5 Minutes With: X Factor boy band Stereo Kicks

Eight-piece boy band Stereo Kicks featured on the 11th series of X Factor last year. Their debut single Love Me So is out now. Scene spoke to Tom Mann to find out more

Stereo Kicks have released their first single, Love Me So
Stereo Kicks have released their first single, Love Me So Stereo Kicks have released their first single, Love Me So

What are you doing at the moment?

I have writing sessions booked in with songwriters. I am going to write with Fiona Bevan, who wrote Little Things for One Direction with Ed Sheeran. I think we're going to be writing the second single.

Stereo kicks' first single is a song you wrote – do you get a kick out of that?

It's my main passion and I've been doing it for years. I'm very fortunate to have had my song chosen as the single – I think it's opened so many doors, and it means that if it comes to writing an album I will get to write some songs on there too. We're in a very good position as a band.

Is it a boost to your confidence?

Yes, it really is. We're not a conventional boy band, in that we were put together on X Factor in front of everyone. So we don't have to do anything else in a conventional way, but it is very nice to be allowed to write. I think it gives us credibility.

What's it like writing for eight voices?

I hadn't considered it before, I had just written the song for one person, but it's something to take into account when you're arranging voices. It's like having a mini-choir to work with. And if we are an eight-piece, we have to use that to our advantage and have those harmonies in there. It's not always easy, but I think we have found our sound and our strength is anthemic, slow ballads. It'd be stupid not to use everyone's voice.

Will you be releasing an album?

I've written a few more songs, we've got rough ideas for the next single, but everything is dependent on the first single. It really dictates how long we can go on for – it's a one-track deal we've signed.

Was the X Factor a good experience?

I definitely felt the pressure, so it was up and down really. We were under a lot of scrutiny, and there were tabloid stories about each of us to deal with every week before the live show. Internally, it was a lot of work. And because we were thrown together, we were getting to know each other too, in front of 10 million people every Saturday.

Will the new judges be good on the show?

I think they will, fresh younger faces and everything. Louis Walsh was there from the start, but perhaps it was time for a change. Dermot O'Leary leaving is a big step too, but Olly Murs will be great. It'll be interesting to see how it works.

One Direction came off X Factor. Do you look at them and think you could be as big?

Their success is crazy, once every 60 years, that kind of thing. On some levels, they're bigger than The Beatles. I don't think anyone can aim to be as big as them, everything was perfect; timing, use of Twitter, the members, the songs. Not to say they got lucky – they haven't – but those things all work for you. They'll be remembered forever.

:: See facebook.com/stereokicksofficial.