About the Irish News

Our Mission Statement: 

To use our independent voice to play a positive role in society. We inform the conversation and inspire debate by telling compelling stories.

Since 1891 the mission of The Irish News has been to play a constructive role in society, and to be a platform for respectful debate and conversation.

The Irish News delivers independent local, national and global news, opinion and analysis. We believe knowledge empowers, helping to make society stronger and more just.

Our independence ensures we are bound only by our values. Our hard-won reputation for excellence, award-winning journalism and credibility, against the backdrop of a complex history, is enduring.

Today the Irish News is the UK and Ireland’s largest selling daily regional newspaper. Though committed to the printed page, it is our ambition to be everywhere and anywhere our readers are now, and in the future.

Our values 

We have a unique role in the north of Ireland and beyond, to inform, educate and entertain. We aim for the highest possible standards in journalism at all times.

Our values set out what we stand for and inform everything we do.


It is our mission to build trust in every relationship. Every day we must earn the trust of our readers, customers and colleagues through the leadership of our journalism and in our practices.


Our independence and belief in ourselves, enables us to take a position and to lead from the front. We use our voice loudly to represent the communities in which we operate and serve.


Rooted in integrity since it was established over a century ago, the principles of peace, equality and tolerance are in The Irish News DNA. Diversity is reflected in our news coverage through the faces, voices and topics we cover.


The pursuit of excellence takes different forms but, in every context, we strive to deliver the very best. Our bold decision-making means doing things that are different, not just how we've always done them.


For us, curiosity means possibility and it makes us better at what we do. We never ignore the question or the big conversations. If we don’t know the answer, we find a way to it.

Our statement of principles 

An affirmation of our mission and values, brought to life in a way that our readers and colleagues can connect with, champion and be proud of. It is everything we hold true and aspire to each day.

The Irish News has depth.

The depth of our commitment to our readers.

We steward an institution that has a crucial part to play in the rhythms and routines of community life, passing from one season to another, from one generation to the next.

These deep roots mean we respect the history that has shaped these communities, we empathise with their fears and aspirations, and we know the challenges from outside voices they deserve to hear.

The depth of our analysis.

We provide thorough analysis and thought-provoking opinion, telling the stories of this place and beyond.

The quality and rigour of our craft means we can create authoritative, trustworthy, highly credible journalism, notable by its balance and integrity.

The depth of our belief that things can be better.

Our independence, and our extensive track record of championing the just causes and culture, allow us to advocate powerfully for parity, peace, and progress.

The Irish News (1891) and Belfast Morning News (1855) are published by The Irish News Ltd, 113-117 Donegall Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2GE.

History of the Irish News 

The Irish News was founded in 1891 as a direct result of the involvement of Charles Stewart Parnell, one of the great figures in Irish Nationalism, in a celebrated divorce scandal. However the origins of the title lie 36 years earlier.

1855    The Read brothers launched the Belfast Morning News as Ireland's first penny newspaper. The Morning News first appeared on 2nd July 1855 in a highly competitive market.

1890    Charles Stewart Parnell's affair with Kitty O'Shea became public knowledge. Parnell led the Irish Nationalist campaigners, but his ensuing divorce scandal split the Nationalist camp into pro and anti Parnell factions.

1891    Whilst the Belfast Morning News remained loyal to Parnell, the Irish News was launched on an anti-Parnell platform on 15th August 1891. The anti-Parnell view prevailed and within a year the Irish News had taken over its failing rival.

The paper saw a dramatic growth in its circulation with historical events:

  • Great War (1914 - 1918)
  • Easter Rising 1916
  • Second World War (1939 – 1945)
  • Outbreak of the “Troubles” in 1969

1982    The paper came under total control of the company's present owners. This saw major investment in equipment and reorganisation of the editorial department.

1991    Re-launch of the Irish News including a new masthead

2000    Moved to new Euro format – 64 pages, full colour

2005    Switched to new Compact format – 96 pages, full colour

2023    For the first time, The Irish News is the UK and Ireland’s largest selling daily regional newspaper

Award Winning

1999    CIPR Awards, Newspaper of the Year

2000    CIPR Awards, Newspaper of the Year

2002    CIPR Awards, Newspaper of the Year

2004    CIPR Awards, Newspaper of the Year

2005    CIPR Awards, Newspaper of the Year

2006    The Newspaper Awards, Regional Newspaper of the Year

2007    The Newspaper Awards, Regional Newspaper of the Year

2010    Society of Editors, Regional Press Awards, Regional Newspaper of the Year

2011    Society of Editors, Regional Press Awards, Regional Newspaper of the Year

2012    The Newspaper Awards, Grand Prix and Regional Newspaper of the Year

2014    The Newspaper Awards, Regional Newspaper of the Year

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