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Glaringly obvious difficulties with a yearly Eucharist celebration

Colin Nevin (September 26) displays his customary independence of mind and intellectual engagement. A yearly Eucharist celebration may indeed harmonise with the Jewish Passover, and I wonder if mission agencies ever contextualise the gospel using this parallel. Certain difficulties do arise, however, and some of these are glaringly obvious. Within mainstream Churches daily or weekly or monthly celebrations of the Eucharist take place. The ‘Parish Communion’ movement, within Anglicanism, advocate weekly celebration of the Eucharist; and feel Matins (Morning Prayer) may have wrongly assumed primacy in terms of liturgical practice.
Calvin’s opinion is clearer still: ‘The Lord’s Table should have been spread at least once a week for the assembly of Christians...’.
Some evangelical Churches do follow this weekly pattern. Few mainstream Protestant Churches on closer inspection unreservedly embrace a so-called ‘real absence’ (‘anamnesis’) position. The Eucharist is viewed as a powerful, supernatural statement by mainstream Churches; a sacramental weapon with impact against evil, gifted to us by God for frequent use.

Frequent celebration of the Eucharist has united Christians since the birth of the Church. The NLT translation of Acts 2:42 says: “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer”.
The practice of the Jehovah’s Witness group is to have a yearly celebration. Colin might wish to clarify if the group accept the doctrine of the Trinity or the deity of Our Lord. The Lord’s Supper should never, under any circumstances, be relegated to a mere recollection of the Last Supper. Something much greater than the ‘Jewish Passover’, or the ‘Last Supper’, is what we are celebrating and participating in. The ecumenical Divine Healing Ministries (DHM) group had a table of literature one day recently in St George’s Church in Belfast city centre. A book on deliverance ministry by the late Canon Lendrum was present – ‘Confronting the Paranormal’.
DHM also offer a free, short pamphlet on the same theme. The Lord’s Supper is sometimes a component of this ministry.
If the Eucharist is a powerful supernatural weapon gifted to us by Almighty God we should partake frequently.

Belfast BT5


Let’s reduce impact of unsustainable fast fashion for our planet and people

Many people are surprised to learn that textile production is the world’s second most polluting industry after oil, accounting for approximately 8 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, cheap production and plummeting prices also mean the items we buy often end up in landfill. Each week 11 million garments end up in landfill in the UK. In Ireland 225,000 tonnes of textile are dumped every year.

This is having a devastating impact on our planet and our people. We know that the world’s poorest, who did the least to cause climate change, are most affected, through droughts, floods and disaster; from the extreme cyclones in Mozambique and record heat waves in India to the exacerbated drought in East Africa.

We are in a climate emergency and the time for action is now.

Oxfam shops are proud to be part of the solution to ‘throwaway fashion’ by offering people a way to shop more sustainably.

The thousands of tonnes of pre-loved items generously donated are giving clothes a second lease of life. When you donate or shop in one of our stores, you’re reducing the number of items that end up in landfill.

You’re also helping to beat poverty for good, by raising vital funds for people living in poverty worldwide, including those affected by the climate crisis.
The money raised from the sale of one jumper, could help us buy drought-resistant seeds for people in Zimbabwe and help them to keep growing food despite unpredictable and extreme weather.

As consumers, it’s in our power to make a real difference. Donating and buying second-hand clothes from your local Oxfam shop helps to slow the ferocious fast fashion cycle.

Last month we asked people in Northern Ireland to join us on a journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, starting with the clothes we wear. We called on people to say no to buying new clothes for 30 days and yes to shopping second-hand.

September may be over but we’re going to keep going – and we’d love Irish News readers to join us. Simply sign up at oxfamireland.org/shs  – or pop into your local Oxfam today.

Let’s reduce the impact of unsustainable fast fashion – for our planet, and our people.

Oxfam, Ireland


Agreement must contain border poll

With the Brexit deadline looming and both sides still locked in what appears to be an ever-strengthening stalemate, what both sides have in common is their claims that they represent the best interests of the people of Ireland.

Every recent credible study and poll has indicated that there is now a substantial portion of the population in favour of Irish unity, a portion that should in theory start to trigger the mechanisms contained in schedule one of the Good Friday Agreement.

With both parties laying claim to representing the interests of the Irish people, then neither side can ignore the Irish unity community, and must ensure a border poll is guaranteed within a specific time frame in any post-Brexit agreement.

The best interests of the Irish people is only served in the ending of partition and Irish unity.

Belfast BT12


Last pathetic throw of dice

Does even the ultra-arrogant Boris Johnson not yet grasp that incoming EU president Ursula von der Leyen knew well who she was picking for trade with Phil Hogan?

The North Kilkenny man who in politics is what his fellow Cat Brian Cody is in hurling – people for whom winning is not just the first but also the only thing.

Johnson has no cards left to play – not in the Commons – much less with Europe.  Bluster and bluff carry no weight.

And Foster’s Fusiliers are equally in the ditch with the discredited Johnson.

No Irish government – or party – dare fall for his latest and insulting charade – and Big Phil certainly will not.

It now will be a final referendum – maybe (and hopefully) before Christmas –and probably no Brexit.

The very temporary blond occupier of lesser/east Trumpland, Johnson, can’t even expect anything from Trump, the equally very temporary blond occupier of greater/west Trumpland – we even have the House and Nancy Pelosi in our camp.

Strong women rock – it is beautiful that Nancy and Ursula will soon see-off the two blond chancers.

Ireland by holding firm on the Backstop will also save progressive Britons and ensure a final referendum.

We are fortunate there has been such a firm stand by the Irish government and by all opposition parties as by Alliance and SDLP – it will certainly pay off.

Renelagh, Dublin 6

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