1. Building trust in a post-GDPR world

    Building trust in a post-GDPR world

    HOW many sales emails did you receive this Black Friday? And how many of those did you opt in to receive? New research shows there has been minimal change to the number of consumers receiving unwanted calls and emails, despite the introduction of GDPR in May.


  1. Stephen McMenamin stars as Red Hugh's advance

    Stephen McMenamin stars as Red Hugh's advance

    All-Ireland Junior Football Championship quarter-final: Red Hugh's (Donegal) 3-11 Dunedin Connolloy's (Edinburgh) 1-15 Cometh the crisis for the gritty men from the Finn Valley and cometh their young county star, Stephen McMenamin, who walked tall when it really mattered.


  1. Theresa May runs out of Brexit options

    When Theresa May initially described the decision facing MPs in the much anticipated Westminster vote which had been due to take place later today as `my deal, no deal or no Brexit', she may well have sincerely believed that the first option was still achievable.

  2. The dismissing voices of DUP guilty of the ultimate betrayal

    After the beginning of the Troubles, which is widely accepted to have started in August 1969, a deathly calm descended onto the streets of the north when at the behest of the unionist leader of the time, James Chichester Clarke, the British Army was deployed to restore order ‘and assert the authority of the British government’.




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