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  1. Why my children are part of the 'brain drain'

    Why my children are part of the 'brain drain'

    IN recent years we've seen initiatives north and south of the border aimed at presenting the island of Ireland as a promised land for the vast Irish and Ulster diasporas to consider longingly as an investment destination as well as a place to return to permanently.


  1. Despicable attack on PSNI officer in north Belfast

    The murderous dissident republican gun attack in north Belfast which left a police officer wounded provided a sharp reminder of what is on offer from those opposed to a political settlement in Northern Ireland.

  2. Best way of preserving life is to cherish all children equally

    The ‘Trojan Horse’ used by pro-abortion groups to further their demands for abortion on demand is that it is unfair that pregnant mums should have to continue with pregnancies in which the child has been identified as ‘not fit for life’, in other words having a life-limiting condition.




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