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Miscarriages of justice

PETER McEvoy (June 26) like Seamus Mallon is attempting to revise history and put the SDLP at the fore of the campaigns for the miscarriages of justice carried out by the British.

I was disgusted at both Peter and Seamus Mallon's attempt to exonerate the British government's role in these miscarriages by claiming it was the IRA's fault these men remained in jail.

They failed to state that the IRA unit caught in London openly admitted to carrying out the Guildford and Woolwich bombings, even giving evidence to the Guildford Four appeal in 1975.

However, they refuse to state that the British Government hid the evidence and kept these men in jail.

I can't find any record of any SDLP politician taking part in the protests or campaigns to free either the Guildford Four or Birmingham Six until it was clear they were to be released.

Like the Bloody Sunday campaign, where not one SDLP politician participated in the annual campaign march until after the Saville Inquiry was announced, we now see the SDLP revising history by saying they were at the fore of campaigns like those against collusion, shoot-to-kill and now the miscarriage of justice cases when in fact their silence was deafening.


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Letters to the Editor

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