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Irish Olympic medallists hits both on and off the water

Gareth McKeown
13 August, 2016 01:00

HOW do you celebrate making it to an Olympic final? With steak and spuds of course!

Irish brothers Gary and Paul O'Donovan , who hail from Skibbereen in Co Cork have become internet sensations after a series of interviews given at the Rio Olympics.

The pair, who are the reigning European champions go today in the final of the lightweight double sculls rowing event this afternoon, but it is out of the water where they have made the biggest splash.

The Irish duo finished third in their semi-final heat, narrowly pipping the Great Britain crew to a final spot and the brothers, at their first games, once again entertained in the post race interview.

They said they were off to celebrate with some 'steak and spuds' and declared "tis great to beat the Brits".

Clearly fans of the food available at the Olympic village they revealed "you could have steak and spuds for breakfast lunch and dinner if you like", although their coach Dominic Casey is "going mad because there's no Kerr's Pinks".

As for their race strategy the relaxed pair have a simple plan.

"It isn't too complex really," Paul said.

"A to B as fast as you can go and hope for the best. Close the eyes and pull like a dog," he added.

The pair's interviews have attracted global attention and they are clearly big hits on social media.



Their final race is at 2.45pm today and win or lose, we all can't wait for that next interview!

13 August, 2016 01:00 Northern Ireland news