Watch an orangutan join the BBC Breakfast sofa

Watch an orangutan join the BBC Breakfast sofa

BBC Breakfast welcomed a rather unusual guest to the red sofa this morning – viewers were surprised to see an orangutan when they tuned in.

The giant hairy ape sat placidly alongside presenters Charlie Stayt and Steph McGovern, who looked fascinated by their interviewee.

Spy In The Wild
The orangutan stopped in to BBC Breakfast (BBC)

But if you’re wondering why they weren’t a little frightened, it’s because the animal, Beruti, is actually one of the stars of nature series Spy In The Wild which plants cameras inside incredibly lifelike replica animals to get the most accurate idea of what happens when creatures have no idea they’re being watched.

Charlie said: “He’s absolutely fantastic – the idea is he’s placed in the wild with real orangutans so he can mimic their behaviour, and they get this fantastic footage.

“Inside Beruti’s eyes is a camera, so he can see and record everything around him. It gives a unique insight into the wildlife there.”

The BBC One series also uses rocks and birds’ nests to hide the cameras and has recorded some extraordinary footage.

Spy In The Wild continues tonight on BBC One at 8pm.

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