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There is no need for New Year's resolutions if you are happy in you own skin

BIG PLANS: Some people aspire to having the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger and see it as the way to happiness while others are just happy being who they are – beer belly, varicose veins and laughter lines notwithstanding
Robert McMillen

GO mBEANNA IA DAOIBH and welcome to the last Bluffer’s Guide to Irish of 2019.

As sure as day follows night, people start annoying people by asking them about their dea-rúin na hathbhliana - New Year's resolutions.

They expect overweight people to say ba mhaith liom meáchan a chailleadh - I’d like to lose weight, when actually they might be happy in their own skin.

Or they’ll expect the 20-a-day person to say “tá mé ag dul a stopadh de na toitíní - I am giving up the fags or even tá sé de rún agam gearradh siar orthu - it’s my intention to cut down on them, even though the person might be quite content to inhale poisonous chemicals into their lungs all day long.

You hope that the couch potato will say “ba mhaith liom a bheith níos aclaí” - I’d like to be fitter but then again, if sitting watching sobaldrámaí - soap operas while eating a 6-pack of Tayto Smoky Bacon keeps them happy, who are we to be judgemental?  

The Bluffer, on the other hand, has a to-do list for 2020 that is as long as a big long thing.

Sláinte - health is usually number one in people’s wish-list so they might want to lose weight or get fit to do park runs or go for long walks on Black Mountan or in Tullymore or Glenariff or any other great natural resource at our disposal.

As well as health, the Bluffer has other categories he wants to get to grips with in 2020.

Taisteal - travel. 

The Bluffer wants to travel more, to get to know Ireland a bit better by going to little arts festivals or to big ones all over the country. Galway is City of Culture 2020 so go west, young man.

Then there will be trips thar lear - abroad. Already plans are afoot for visits to Madrid and to An t-Eilean Sgitheanach - the Isle of Skye – variety is the spice of life.

As you all know, dear fans, the Bluffer is a bona fide culture vulture who has air kissed cheeks throughout the land in support of the arts.

Already, tá a dhialann lán - his diary is full of drámaí - plays and coirmeacha ceoil - concerts from hard-core Irish traditional to jazz,  soul and world music – as long as it doesn’t involve yodelling.

Léitheoireacht - reading  is also something the Bluffer wants to catch up on during 2020 - especially books in Irish and books to help him what is going on politically in a world which seems to be in a state of constant flux.

But having said all that, what the Bluffer is looking forward to most is being with an teaghlach - the family and cairde - friends.

There is no point in getting yourself fit and happy if you can’t share it with other people.

Cuideachta mhaith is the Irish for good company and having it is essential for your wellbeing.

So whatever your New Year’s resolutions are – of you have any – make sure you factor in quality time with nearest and dearest and don’t be afraid to make new friends as the new year begins or to give long lost friends a phonecall.

Of course, you could make exciting new friends by going to Irish classes. Now that would be a great resolution!


dea-rúin na hathbhliana (jaa-roon ne hah-vleeana) - New Year's resolutions

ba mhaith liom meáchan a chailleadh (ba why lum maakhan a khailyoo) - I’d like to lose weight

tá mé ag dul a stopadh de na toitíní (taa may eg gul a stopoo de na tutcheenee) - I am giving up the fags 

tá sé de rún agam gearradh siar orthu (taa shay de roon ugum gyaroo sheer orhoo) - it’s my intention to cut down on them

ba mhaith liom a bheith níos aclaí (ba why lum a vay neess aclee) - I’d like to be fitter

sobaldrámaí (subbledraamee) - soap operas 

sláinte (slaantcha) - health

taisteal (tashtil) - travel

thar lear (har laar) - abroad

An t-Eilean Sgitheanach (an tilan shkeeahanakh) - the isle of Skye

tá a dhialann lán (taa a yeealann laan) - his diary is full

drámaí (draamee) - plays

coirmeacha ceoil (kirimaha kyoil) - concerts

léitheoireacht (layhoreakht)- reading

an teaghlach (un chaowlakh)- the family

cairde (carja)- friends

cuideachta mhaith (cudgeakhta why) - company

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