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  1. Health Q&A: I saw myself on TV once and went on an immediate diet

    in Life

    • Soft Border Patrol
    • Irish News 20 Questions
  2. Black comedy Borderland 'just like Derry Girls only with better accents'

    in Arts

    • Borderland
    • Gerard McCabe
    • Waterfront Hall
    • Andrew Doyle
    • Jonathan Pie
  3. Review: New Marie Jones play Sinners is funny, disturbing and imaginative

    in Arts

    • Marie Joh=nes
    • Lyric Theatre
    • Theatre review
    • Seanin Brennan
    • Mick Gordon
    • Charlie Bonner
    • Alan McKee
  4. Marie Jones play Sinners a satire on religion, family and greed in the north

    in Arts

    • Marie Jones
    • Sinners
    • Stones in his pockets
    • Alan McKee
  5. Banks, bras and going bust in new play Love Or Money

    in Arts

    • love or money
    • Rosemary Jenkinson
    • Marty Maguire
    • c21 theatre company
    • recession