With a career in newspapers spanning more than 30 years, Gary McDonald is among the Irish News' most experienced journalists. He has been the paper's Business Editor for 15 years, during which time he has picked up numerous awards for his work, including the CIPR Business Journalist of the Year on a record four occasions. Gary's gregarious nature means he is well suited to a role that goes beyond traditional reporting, where he often represents the company at a corporate level. This is best illustrated in his successful involvement in the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards.

A competitive Highland bag-piper, weekend hockey reporter and editor of the Ulster Scot, Banbridge-based Gary is far removed from what many regard as the stereotypical Irish News journalist.

However, he is a popular and valued member of staff, who exemplifies the title's pluralist ethos. Gary is also renowned for his healthy appetite for good food and stout.

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Cibus raises £570,000 seed funding in fight to stop food fraud

Cibus raises £570,000 seed funding in fight to stop food fraud

BELFAST food testing specialist Cibus Analytical has completed a £570,000 seed funding round which it will use to help tackle food contamination and adulteration at a time when fraud is costing the UK food and drink industry £12 billion a year.