'Dropping page 3 a backward step'

THE Sun's reported dropping of page 3 girls is a regressive blow to the modelling industry, a former topless model said.

Britain's best-selling tabloid has not published the topless pin-ups since Friday, and has reportedly decided to quietly drop the feature. Belfast-based Laura Lacole (25) said it was a backwards step. "This is detrimentally affecting females. This is a female-orientated industry, females in front of and behind the camera as photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists. "This is a blow to an entire industry that affects women. That is not in aid of the feminist movement, that is regressing something, it is taking away a right of women to express their sexuality. "It is about celebrating and expressing that side of people and people appreciating that. "That is an age-old dance between men and women and women and women, that appreciation of the nude form is something humans have and want to express that. It is fine and healthy."

She said many more people buy The Sun than had demanded an end to page 3 and accused campaigners for the change of attempting to remove freedom of expression.


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