Kevin Durant absolutely destroyed LeBron James' ankles in the NBA Finals

Oooh what a game.

The 2017 NBA Finals unsurprisingly showcase some of the top talent in basketball, and when the biggest stars come together, they produce big moments.

That was most certainly the case when Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers faced one another in game one of the seven game series.

We’re going to need an x-ray on those ankles.

You can’t keep an athlete of James’ quality down for long, though.

Just look at that post-dunk stance…

In fact all over the court there were fine examples of athleticism, from the Cavs’ Kyrie Irving…

… to some classic Steph Curry three-pointers.

The Golden State Warriors triumphed 113-91 in the first game, with game two to be contested on Sunday.

It’s shaping up to be some series.

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