Keeping your pet healthy in 2018



Don't just think about your own health in 2018, take some time to consider your pet's. Here are some tips on keeping your cat or dog in good health for the next 12 months.

A high-quality diet ensures your pet has a shiny coat and bright eyes, but also healthy skin and good teeth and all the things we can’t see, such as bones and internal organs.  

Like humans, cats and dogs need to stay active to help them stay healthy and fit. There are many ways you can help your pet stay active, whether it is taking your dog for regular walks or playing fetch.  

If you have a cat, laser pointer toys/flashlights against a wall keep them entertained and active or simply letting your cat play with a box or a soft ball can get them excited and having fun. Your vet will tell you how much exercise your individual pet needs.  

Regular Vet Visits
Regular trips to the vet can help detect any underlying health issues. One appointment a year can help prevent illness. 

Dental Hygiene
We brush our teeth every morning and night, we try not to have bad breath and we visit the dentist regularly, right? Well our pet’s dental hygiene is just as important. Having bad dental hygiene can lead to lots of health complications for our pets, like gum diseases, tooth loss, bad breath, gum recession and many more. 

To avoid these complications and to keep your pet’s dental hygiene good, your best defence is to get your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned by a veterinarian and to brush his teeth daily. If you’ve never brushed your pet’s teeth before, the key is to start off slowly and gradually work your way up to regularly brushing his teeth. 

Groom Regularly
Grooming regularly isn’t just to keep our pets looking good, it also helps us keep our pets healthy. Grooming (bathing, trimming, etc) our pets regularly allows us to check for any lumps, bumps, and skin conditions.

Meanwhile, Mackle Pet Foods is running a Facebook competition in which the owners of cats and dogs which are a little rounder than they should be can win a starter pack of Naturo pet food. 

Two cats and two dogs will be selected and all you have to do to enter is upload a picture of your pet via www.facebook.com/naturopetfood before January 5 and comment on why you want your pet to be healthier.


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