Radio review: Ordinary people with extraordinary stories

Nuala McCann

Love + Radio Podcast

Nick van der Kolk gets people to tell them their secrets and he turns them into addictive radio.

It's like these ordinary people are telling their extraordinary stories to you and only you.

Nick's parents were therapists – does that explain his interest in the intimate?

We touch upon subjects that are off the beaten track.

“Where do you want me to start ... when I was dead?” asks Pam Reynolds. And you think, did I really hear that?

Coming Back featured Pam – just chatting. She has an American drawl, is totally upfront and honest. It is matter of fact.

Her problems started with awful headaches.

“I inexplicably forgot how to talk. I've got a big mouth, I never forget how to talk.”

The doctor told her she had an aneurysm, a bomb in the brain... it could blow any time.

So she got ready for the surgery.

“In comes my entire family ... they came in, they didn't look so good. I kept thinking, ‘Knock me out now'.”

As she lay unconscious on the operating table, she felt that she was looking down at her body and at the surgeon's box of tools like her father's toolbox. It was like going over a hill really fast, when your tummy leaps, she said.

She heard her dead grandmother calling her: “I hadn't heard her for years. The desire to go to her took over.”

This was her experience. All of it. She came back from the dead even though she didn't want to and after that she felt like the white crow, she felt lonely.

Since then Pam Reynolds has died. She was 53 .... this Love + Radio episode was edited from an interview she gave to Barbara Bradley Haggarty about her “near death experience”.

And if you listen and you find yourself addicted, then join the club. There's a reason why Love + Radio is award winning.

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