Marie Louise McConville: Just call me Marie Louise - it is my name after all

Marie Louise is fed up with people who can't be bothered to get her double-barrelled name right
Marie Louise McConville

I really don't know why I let it bother me so much.

Personally, I think it's more the pure laziness of people that angers me, more so than the actual mistake itself.

It's just so disrespectful. Here's the thing, if your name is Jane, I will call you Jane - it's not rocket science, is it?

So, why then do some people think it's ok to call me every double-barrelled concoction under the sun but the right one?

Usually, I let it just wash over me but this week, it's been particularly bad. Once on the phone, I was dealing with an office I speak with regularly as a journalist and the person ended the call by saying "Thank You, Marie".

Marie? Are you serious? I'll be honest, it infuriated me. Later, I sent not one but two e-mails, which I usually sign off Marie Louise, because that's my name.

However, both replies I received referred to me as "Maria".

I was furious. Why does this keep happening?

Let's face it, it doesn't take much to actually read a name, does it?

And it's just good manners to address someone by their name - it's not like I'm asking people to address me as Princess.

Why is it that people don't have the courtesy - or take that extra second - to say a double-barrelled name or write it for that matter.

And no, it's not ok just to pull any double-barrelled name out of the air and hope that's enough.

Let's be clear.

I am not Marie Therese nor am I Anne Marie nor Mary Frances nor Marie nor Maria nor Mary - my name is Marie Louise and there's no hyphen either, while we're on the subject.

Of course, I'm only mentioning all of this now because I was talking to a friend this week who was asking my opinion on double-barrelled names as she will soon be having a new baby.

Obviously, I recommended them - as I don't want the tradition dying out - however I did warn her that they come with responsibilities.

She should raise her new daughter to expect to be addressed properly and accept nothing less - which is what I intend to do from now on.

After all, us double-barrellers are a pretty unique bunch - so special in fact, they named us twice.



Enough reality already.

These days, it's pretty much impossible to turn on the telly without finding `scripted reality' on every channel.

In the beginning, I was on board but now I'm just fed up with all things reality on TV.

And now, another has graced our screens.

`100 Years Younger in 21 Days' saw eight celebrities (yeah, right) including EastEnders actress June Brown try to lose a combined 100 years from their faces, bodies and brains over a period of 21 days without undergoing surgery. Just awful.

Please bring back good television - real drama and not Essex-style.



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