Porsche’s Taycan receives comprehensive update with increases in range and performance

New version of the firm’s electric model can travel for up to 422 miles on a charge.

Porsche has given its Taycan an upgrade
Porsche Taycan Porsche has given its Taycan an upgrade (koslowskiphoto_2023)

Porsche has unveiled an upgraded version of its Taycan electric model.

One of the biggest changes to the Taycan is the inclusion of a larger battery – now 12kWh bigger than before at 105kWh – which unlocks a top range of 422 miles on rear-drive, single-motor Taycan models equipped with the optional Performance Battery Plus.

The Taycan will continue to be available in a trio of bodystyles
Porsche Taycan The Taycan will continue to be available in a trio of bodystyles (koslowskiphoto_2023)

It represents a big jump on the 314 miles that you would’ve got from the equivalent model in the older range of Taycans.

Porsche has also managed to increase the charging speed of the new Taycan, too, with it now standing at 320kW, which is 50kW than before. The tweak makes it the fastest-charging electric vehicle on sale in the UK and means that when plugged into a suitably rapid charger. The battery can go from 10 to 80 per cent in less than 18 minutes.

The Taycan line-up kicks off with a single rear-motor version, followed by a trio of twin-motor setups in the 4S, Turbo and Turbo S. As follows usual Porsche convention, the Turbo S is the fastest-accelerating of the lot with a 0-60mph time of just 2.2 seconds. The standard Taycan still achieves that sprint in 4.6 seconds.

As with other Porsche models, the new Taycan – available in standard saloon, Sport Turismo and Cross Turismo layouts – has a subtly changed exterior, with slightly reprofiled headlights up front and a redesigned front bumper.

Prices for the new Taycan will kick off at £86,500 for the standard rear-motor version, rising to £95,900 for the 4S, £134,100 for the Turbo and £161,400 for the Turbo S.

The most expensive version in the range stands as the Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo, which comes in at £162,500.