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  1. Film reveals effect of Pope John Paul II's visit to Republic

    in Northern Ireland news

    • David Naglieri
    • Jim Caviezel
    • Seamus Mallon
    • Martin Mansergh
    • David Alton
    • Shane Paul O'Doherty
    • Pope John Paul II
  2. Former Methodist president calls for power-sharing restoration

    in News

    • Arlene Foster
    • michelle o'neill
    • Stormont
  3. Removing the gun from Irish politics was 'not nurtured'

    in Northern Ireland news

    • peace process
    • Good Friday Agreement
    • decommissioning
  4. IRA arms decommissioning witness says listen to 'weary' community and restore power-sharing

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Harold God
    • IRA weapons decommissioning
    • Rev Good
    • Rev Harold Good
  5. Newton Emerson: If politicians can't agree a Troubles memorial, someone else should build it

    in Columnists

    • Newton Emerson
    • Troubles memorial
    • St Anne's Cathedral
  6. Harold Good's proposal merits serious attention

    in Leading article

    • Methodist moderator
    • decommissioning
    • day of acknowledgement
  7. Rev Harold Good: 'Martin McGuinness and I were soulmates'

    in News

    • Feile an Phobail
    • Martin McGuinness
    • St Francis of Assisi
  8. Events with a cross-community flavour at Féile an Phobail

    in Faith Matters

    • Feile an Phobail
    • Fr Martin Magill
    • 4 Corners Festival
  9. Green Party suggests five candidates as 'independent chair' of Stormont discussions

    in News

    • Green Party
    • Barbara Stephenson
    • Tom Arnold
    • Joschka Fischer
    • Jim Roddy
  10. Nationalist residents say they will oppose Twaddell deal

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Ardoyne
    • Orange Order
    • CARA
    • Sinn Féin