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Ulster GAA secretary Brian McAvoy: 'Sport NI funding welcome development at end of challenging year'

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Ulster GAA secretary Brian McAvoy says that yesterday's first tranche of funding allocation by Sport NI Sports Sustainability Fund was ''a welcome development following a year in which we have been financially challenged.''

The scourge of the Covid-19 virus and the resultant restrictions imposed to tackle it have affected all walks of life and sports right across the board.

The knock-on effect for sporting bodies has been a dramatic drop in revenue, a point highlighted by Down man McAvoy, who thanked all involved and added: ''revenue streams will continue to be severely dented for a considerable period to come.''

''The funding allocated to Ulster GAA will help the organisation in its quest to rebound from the financial hardships posed by Covid-19 and will be vital to the re-establishment of delivery programmes that have been severely curtailed over the past year,'' an Ulster GAA press release stated.

Ulster GAA CEO and provincial secretary McAvoy added: “The applications of our constituent units remain under consideration and we anticipate that Sport NI will be in a position to allocate a further tranche of funding to successful applicants before the end of this month.

''We will advise our units accordingly when further detail is made available to us.

“Following on from the announcement earlier this week of ‘The Executive's Pathway Out of Restrictions' there is a growing positivity in the community and this latest development is another important driver in our recovery process.”

Antoinette McKeown, Sport NI CEO, said: “The sports sector has played a critical role in supporting communities throughout this pandemic and our sector is needed now, more than ever, to help our communities emerge from this pandemic.

''The Sports Sustainability Fund along with our other Covid 19 responses has enabled our local sports clubs, governing bodies and sports organisations to survive and prepare for a safe return to sport.”

Sports Sustainability Fund Awards List

This list is subject to change and will be updated on a weekly basis to 31 March 2021 – by which stage all assessments are expected to have been completed (figures in brackets indicate how much each sport requested)

Irish Football Association: £6,555,593 (£6,563,211)

Ulster Rugby: £1,509,935 (£1,509,539)

Ulster Council GAA: £1,448,412 (£1,448,412)

Ice Hockey UK: £407,565 (£407,565)

Swim Ulster: £244,173 (£244,173)

Athletics NI: £225,631 (£225,631)

Triathlon Ireland: £89,707 (£91,362)

Irish Athletic Boxing Association: £62,417 (£37,871)

Irish Bowling Association: £49,593 (£49,605)

Ulster Hockey Union: £47,584 (£79,040)

Association Irish Indoor Bowls: £43,540 (£45,706)

Netball NI: £34,892 (£34,893)

NI Judo Federation: £31,075 (£30,499)

Ulster Badminton: £27,381 (£27,381)

Cycling Ireland: £14,518 (£400,000)

Irish Indoor Bowling Association: £13,470 (£28,824)

American Football Ireland: £9,652 (£4,027)

NI Volleyball: £8,913 (£14,666)

Canoe Association NI: £3,421 (£3,421)

NI Tenpin Bowling Association: £2,966 (£2,966)

Archery NI: £2,797 (£2,797)

National Ice Skating Association: £1,802 (£3,376)

NI Billiards & Snooker Association: £1,343 (£1,343)

National Coarse Fishing Association: £994 (£991)

Total: £10,836,689 (£11,257,009)

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