Analysis: How can Carl Frampton beat Jamel Herring?

Counter offensive. Carl Frampton needs to box clever tonight
Andy Watters

CLOSING the distance between himself and Herring is Frampton’s biggest issue. Herring has a whopping seven-inch (72” to 65”) reach advantage so he could pick Frampton off all night long with his jab if the Jackal remains a static target in front of him. And if Frampton stands there with his gloves up looking to trade, it’ll only be a matter of time until Herring lands that powerful left uppercut of his and takes control of the fight.

Mobility is crucial. Distance-control has always been a Frampton quality and head and upper body movement (side-to-side and up and down) will be the key for him to slip or roll away from Herring’s probing southpaw jab, get into range and target the American’s body.

Just because Herring is much taller than him, doesn’t mean Frampton should neglect his own jab. A few years ago in their WBC super-featherweight clash, Floyd Mayweather broke down the much taller Diego Corrales by getting low and spearing a ramrod jab into Chico’s midriff.

Frampton can adopt that tactic and he’ll also need to keep flicking out his left hand to block Herring’s jab. By keeping Herring’s front hand busy, he’ll deny the champion his range-finder and force him to become frustrated and lunge in with his left. If he does that Frampton will be in the perfect position to slip it and then his own naturally short arms will become assets as he counters furiously with hooks to the body.

Frampton might fire in the uppercut as well but he won’t want to get too greedy. Once he gets his punches off, he’ll need to stay active by stepping out to the side and denying the taller Herring the opportunity to clinch and drain his energy by leaning in and making him carry his weight.

It will be tactical. Frampton needs to stay off the ropes and out of the corners and remain smart and disciplined. He has the brain and boxing skills required to negate Herring’s physical advantages and if he’s good enough, for long enough, he can wear down the 35-year-old and win this fight.


The champion. Jamel Herring has a seven-inch reach advantage over Carl Frampton



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