History beckons as Carl Frampton vows to 'do a number' on Jamel Herring in Dubai world title clash

Carl Frampton's previous bid for world title glory ended in disappointment against Josh Warrington
Andy Watters

FIGHT fans await Carl Frampton’s bid to make history in Dubai on Saturday with a mixture of nerves and excitement. After two postponements, Frampton challenges WBO super-featherweight Jamel Herring at Caesar’s Palace Dubai and, over two years on since his last world title fight, the 32-year-old Tiger’s Bay native has questions to answer.

Is he still the force he once was? Does he still have the fire in his belly? Will Herring be too tall and too strong?

Frampton intends to answer them all and predicts that he’ll “roll back the years” on Saturday night and beat Herring convincingly to become the first Irishman to win world titles in three weight divisions.

“People might be nervous about how I’m going to do but that doesn’t matter to me,” he said yesterday.

“Some people think I’m going to win easily – that opinion doesn’t matter either. It’s not going to change how I fight and all I can say is that I’m ready for this fight and I believe I’ll do a number on this guy.

“I don’t even think it’s going to be close – I’m expecting a hard fight but if I do what I’ve been doing in the gym I’ll win this fight – not easily – but convincingly.”

Frampton’s career has plateaued since he lost his featherweight title to Leo Santa Cruz in Las Vegas four years ago. His previous attempt to regain a world belt ended in disappointment against Josh Warrington but Frampton insists there will be no slip-up this time. He says his preparation has been excellent and he only needs to reproduce his form with Jamie Moore in the gym to win on Saturday night.

“Looking at his last performance and the things he’s been saying and what I’ve been doing in preparation in the gym, it is my fight to lose,” said Frampton.

“I don’t remember the last round I lost in sparring, I don’t even know if I lost a round in sparring during this whole camp.

“My decision making has been brilliant, spot-on; everything I’ve been doing has been correct so if I do that again on the night I’ll win the fight.”

Herring is tall (5’10” according to boxing website Boxrec) and will have a considerable reach advantage against Frampton (5’5”) who has naturally short arms. Frampton says he’ll find ways to close the distance and make his skills count on Saturday night.

“Herring a big guy,” he said.

“But there’s different ways to skin a cat. My distance-control will be key and there’ll be times when I’ll be close to him and there’ll be times when I need to force the pace as well.

“I don’t think this fight is going to play out the way most people think. People think that I’m going to have to sit on his chest from the first bell. I don’t see it like that I think I can frustrate him with good footwork and head movement and fast hands and control the distance.

“There’ll be a time when I put it on him and when I do it’ll be a very hard night for him. I don’t know if I’ll stop him or beat him up on points, but it’s going to be convincing.”

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