IABA's strategic plan ‘Boxing Clever' shows impressive 2020 vision

Beranrd O'Neill

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA) yesterday published ‘Boxing Clever’, a strategic plan for the association for the next four years. 

The plan sets out the key objectives for Irish boxing until 2020 with clear deliverable goals supported by defined actions in each area to ensure boxing in Ireland achieves its potential.

The plan was formulated following extensive consultation with stakeholders and members around the country through: regional focus groups, one-to-one meetings, phone calls and an online survey.

“This plan charts the way forward for the Association,” president Pat Ryan said at yesterday’s launch.

“It is now time to come together, to listen to each other so we can ensure a very positive future for Irish boxing. 

“Everybody involved in Irish boxing now has a sense of what we are about and what we are working towards.”

IABA chairman Joe Christle stated: “Our members are the lifeblood of the association and the strategic plan recognises the hard work and dedication of all those who contribute to Irish boxing and sets out clear actions to improve how we support all within the boxing family. 

“We are proud of our past, but as we look forward we need to continuously improve and operate as a modern day fit for purpose national sporting body.”

CEO Fergal Carruth added: “This plan forms the pathway for implementing the changes necessary to deliver on all our goals.”

The plan has five aims:

  • Increase participation by 15 per cent
  • Establish more robust corporate governance
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Increase and diversify income streams to 25 per cent of overall income
  • Strive to be top five in the world rankings and to be in the top three countries with boxers qualified for Tokyo 2020.

The strategy sets out the key areas for development and change within Irish boxing under the following headings:

Bout 1: In the ring: Develop and support the sport of boxing to ensure growth and success at all levels

Bout 2: Outside the ring: Fully support and respect our members and volunteers and provide the right environment to help us grow our sport

Bout 3: In the spotlight: Champion Irish boxing, tell our story, build our brand and raise our profile

Bout 4: Our Association: Back to basics: Strengthen and improve our association to ensure we operate as a modern day fit for purpose professional national sporting body

Bout 5: Our Finances: Maximise our funding and improve our financial standing by diversifying income streams and becoming more financially self-sufficient.

The strategic recommendations of the 2016 Sport Ireland Post Rio Review have also been embedded in the strategic plan.

The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan will be rolled out to IABA members through a nationwide roadshow in 2017. 

A copy of the plan is now available on the IABA website. 

IABA would like to thank consultants Lisa Clancy of Clansult Ltd and Sarah O’Shea of SOS Sports Consult Ltd for their hard work and dedication in producing this document. 

Thanks are also extended to the board of directors, officer board, central council, provincial councils, county boards, clubs and all those who contributed and participated in this important four-year plan.

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