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eir evo unveils new Northern Ireland drive for growth

Philip O'Meara, NI Regional Director, eir evo and Matt McCloskey, NI Sales & Marketing Director, eir evo

With a recent investment of £10 million, eir evo has announced growth plans in Northern Ireland, a promise to level the playing field for businesses across the region and the launch of a competitively priced gigabit full-fibre broadband for small business.


Against the backdrop of a growing tech sector in Northern Ireland – from the creative sector to fintech to agritech and beyond – there is an optimistic outlook for innovative sectors of the economy.

With a strong ecosystem lending support and collaboration to deliver the ever-demanding skills and investment, businesses are seeing their future growth prospects improve. The growth plans set out by eir evo will further enhance these prospects by enabling companies with the latest technology, unrivalled expertise and close partnership they need to move forward on digital innovation.

“Now more than ever, local businesses need the power to adapt, grow and evolve and we very much see eir evo as the driving force behind this important step change for customers,” eir evo said.

“We’re proud to provide businesses across Northern Ireland with a new partner in digital transformation proven to place innovation, customer focus and industry-leading capability at its core.”

“Businesses across Northern Ireland are facing unprecedented pressure to innovate by embracing dynamic technologies in order to drive growth, productivity and value.

“Going digital is no longer a choice, it is a necessity and technology is essential to drive growth. eir evo has an unrivalled portfolio of services which leverages the latest innovations across cloud, cyber security, networking, infrastructure, connectivity and more.”

Philip O'Meara

With a 15-year history in Northern Ireland, the company has built up a reputation for delivering very complex projects with bespoke connectivity solutions and superior levels of service to large public sector and enterprise organisations. Part of the company’s growth in the region sees an expansion of that portfolio into a much broader range of solutions, including IT, cloud and cybersecurity with that same service delivery and support excellence.

A challenger brand in Northern Ireland, the company is now investing in a 20-year commitment to play a key role in the economic future of the region and to broaden its offerings to businesses of all sizes.

The company is growing its team locally, developing skills in areas of emerging technology and bringing new offerings to the market to help ensure an equal opportunity for all businesses to compete and grow. It plans to bring value to the market as well as a new portfolio of managed services that will plug the skills gap for many.

In the small business market, the newly launched gigabit full-fibre broadband product offers a level playing field based on price, simplicity and support. It provides businesses the opportunity to avail of superfast digital connectivity at a very low cost of £20 per month. The one-size fits all offering comes with a premium install and a dedicated, named service advisor from their Belfast operations centre, continuing on the company’s reputation for service excellence.

The company added: “With an expanded new team in Northern Ireland, eir evo is perfectly placed to serve businesses which quite rightly demand the best advice and partnership to deliver on their goals. Having the right infrastructure in place is an essential platform for growth across Northern Ireland. At eir evo, we are committed to long-term development in the region, investing in our people, in our portfolio evolution and in the network to provide a premium service to our customers.”

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