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Unlock your business potential to the fullest with Ulster University

We are living in history-making times and the 20s will be remembered as decade of unprecedented transformation.

As our traditional ways of working, living, and trading are upended, businesses and industries need to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers, consumers, and employees.


For some businesses, change can be both daunting and confronting as you evaluate if you have the skills and capabilities within your business to survive and ultimately, thrive.

Alternatively, you may have a business idea which can guarantee the future of your business but do not have the skills, expertise, or technologies to help you realise your ambition.

Have you considered Ulster University as your partner in business transformation? Hundreds of businesses annually work directly with Ulster University to develop and deliver innovative research-based solutions.

Whether it's new product development, core research, solving a technical problem or simply driving internal efficiencies, you can engage the university's researchers and academics to help with tangible issues specific to your business needs.

  • A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a three-way partnership between a business, a university, and a high-calibre graduate known as an associate, that offers a company a chance to collaborate on a business opportunity, idea, or innovation to help the business gain the knowledge and capability it needs.
  • Consultancy is a great way to exchange expertise and knowledge.
  • Licensing Technology is a way for companies and entrepreneurs to access an extensive portfolio of technologies and early-stage ideas / concepts that are available for licencing or in some cases further collaborative development.
  • Spin-in/ Spin-out enables companies to spin-in to the university and access our inventions, research, technologies, and facilities.
  • Tailored PhD Research can be a cost-effective way for your business to solve a research problem.

Ulster University is guided by a spirit of collaboration in how we work with you and your team. Whilst you may start your partnership with one of their world-leading research-centres, you will be able to access skills and expertise from across the university.

Ulster University continues to invest in world-class research talent and facilities throughout Northern Ireland. In a first for Ireland, its new Mass Spectrometry Centre in Coleraine will drive advances in biomedical sciences, healthcare, and agri-food.

Through the Derry and Strabane City Deal, and its participation in the Smart Nano NI nano technology consortium, Ulster University is benefiting from £42.4m in funding to develop new technology for medical devices, communication, and data storage. You will also benefit from the new facilities available at our enhanced Belfast campus.

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