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Rewarding ‘Green' Homes

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Managing climate change is one of the most important challenges facing our generation, and we’re all trying to do our bit for the environment. And did you know that you can get a competitive green mortgage offering by your home having a high energy rating? 

The ‘Backing Green’ episode of AIB’s web series ‘Movies and Mortgages’ shines a light on the many benefits of embracing energy efficiency and sustainability in the home.

AIB’s ‘Green Mortgage’ offers a lower rate of interest for properties that have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating in bands A or B and many existing homes already fall into this category, making it all the more important to review your current mortgage terms.

To watch the full ‘Movies and Mortgages’ series, click here.

The ‘Movies and Mortgages’ web series produced by AIB spans eight episodes and shares in-depth advice for budding self-builders, first time buyers, and those planning to move to a new house or switch mortgages.

The series brings together experts to share tips, knowledge and valuable insights and is hosted by radio personality Pete Snodden. In the ‘Backing Green’ episode, we hear from AIB’s Craig Service, president of The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) Eddie Weir, and green homeowner and renewable energy champion Lesley McAteer, who has documented her green property journey on Instagram.

Boosting Your Green Credentials

Craig Service, Mortgage Adviser, AIB said: “The Movies and Mortgages web series is a great way to help viewers understand everything there is to know about the home buying and mortgage journey.  In this episode we explore how you can find out what your EPC rating is, and the type of improvements you can make around the house to boost your green credentials.”

As part of its Green Mortgage and to celebrate those who embrace energy efficiency at home, AIB is also partnered with Trees on the Land, an initiative working to establish young native trees across the island of Ireland. For every Green Mortgage that is drawn down, AIB donates to the project who will in turn plant 10 trees in Northern Ireland.

“Greener homes are very topical as people are increasingly more committed to live more sustainably and making savings through smarter choices at the same time,” explains Craig.

“There has been considerable innovation in this space, with house design techniques, sustainable construction methods and smarter technology all helping to create more sustainable homes.”

“It’s fascinating to hear from Lesley, who put renewables and sustainability at the top of her agenda when she was building a new home and is now reaping the benefits with very low energy costs.  Solar panels mean that Lesley has more than enough electricity to run her home, whilst triple glazing and an air source heat pump ensure that heat loss is minimised, and her home is heated in the most energy efficient way.

“AIB is delighted to have a mortgage offering that helps to reward conscientious homeowners or buyers who want to embrace energy efficiency and sustainability. This recognises the important contribution home energy efficiency can play in the pursuit of net zero carbon targets and reflects the strong ethos of sustainability we have at AIB.”

AIB’s Green Mortgage is open to those buying a home, or those who already have a mortgage loan with the bank and whose property has an EPC rating in the energy bands A or B, subject to criteria. AIB also offers up to £2,000 cashback on its Green Mortgage subject to qualifying criteria. It also comes with no application or booking fee and new customers will receive a free valuation.

To watch the ‘Movies and Mortgages’ first-time buyers episode and for the chance to win a home movie prize courtesy of AIB, click here.

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