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Is self-build on your agenda for 2021?

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Do you dream about building your own home, but feel uncertain about where to start?

AIB, which offers a unique specialist self-build service to assist budding self-builders, has brought all the questions and answers you might have about building your own home into a must-watch web series called ‘Movies and Mortgages’

The ‘Movies and Mortgages’ web series spans eight episodes and shares in-depth advice for self-builders, first-time buyers, and those planning to move to a new house or switch mortgages.  With many people reassessing their personal spaces having spent a significant degree of time at home over the past year, buying, moving or building house has certainly moved up the agenda for 2021.


Lay the foundations with top tips

There are four episodes covering the self-build journey from the initial design and planning to procurement and managing your finances. With well-known broadcaster Pete Snodden hosting the series, the self-build episodes also has a ‘A-list’ cast of guests, including award-winning architect and Grand Designs champion Patrick Bradley as well as mortgage champions from AIB.

Michael McClements, an AIB Mortgage Adviser and one of the stars of the series, says viewers can expect top tips and behind the scenes insight across the episodes.

Michael said: “This series is a great way of sharing help and support with those interested in building their own home or making a move on the property ladder.  With people spending more time at home, aspiring or current self-builders may have more time on their hands to consider their ambitions and decide what they really want from their living space.

“A lot of people might think that self-building is beyond their capability or too complex, but for many people it’s the best project they ever embark on.  Our Movies and Mortgages series aims to demystify the process by sharing helpful and practical tips for those considering a self-build project.

"We’re delighted to have esteemed local architect and Grand Designs star, Patrick Bradley for these episodes. With his years of experience, Patrick has valuable insights on overcoming challenges and embracing the opportunities that come with building your own home.”

Self-Build Specialist

With an exclusive ‘Self-Build Specialist’ service, AIB is the only mortgage provider in Northern Ireland that provides customers with a free independent adviser from a top construction consultancy to help keep self-build projects on time and on-budget.

The ‘Movies and Mortgages’ series also includes episodes on first-time buyers, green mortgages, and moving or switching mortgages.  If making a house move or building your dream home is on your agenda this year – tune in to find out more!

To watch the ‘Movies and Mortgages’ self-build episodes and for the chance to win a home movie prize courtesy of AIB, click here.

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