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New Year, new home? - how AIB's 'Movies and Mortgages' series is helping to demystify your property journey

We're spending more and more time at home and that's inspired lots of us to finally make a move

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With the new year upon us and as we continue to spend more time at home due to Covid-19, many people are taking the time to reassess their living situation. 

From building your own house or buying for the first time, to moving or switching mortgages, making your dream home a reality can be a daunting task. 

Help is at hand though for those embarking on a property journey - AIB’s web series ‘Movies and Mortgages’ aims to demystify the process through frank and open discussions with experts in the field as well as award-winning homeowners. 

We’ll be reviewing the episodes weekly and speaking to the bank to get behind-the-scenes insights. 

To watch the full series, click here!

Movies and Mortgages 

The ‘Movies and Mortgages’ web series produced by AIB spans eight episodes and shares in-depth advice for budding self-builders, first time buyers, and those planning to move to a new house or switch mortgages. 

Michael McClements, an AIB mortgage adviser and one of the stars of the series, says viewers can expect expert advice as the panel talks about real life experiences, how to tackle paperwork and the financial aspects of the property ladder, and working with contractors and advisors.  

Michael explains: “With the majority of us spending more time at home, we have found that people are considering their living arrangements more carefully, so we wanted to create and share helpful advice from the experts which demystifies the whole process, wherever you are on your home journey. 

“There’s a lot of lingo to try and understand and steps to go through when it comes to the property market and people can find that confusing. But once you break it down step-by-step people realise that finding or creating the right home for them turns into an ambition, not a chore.” 

An ‘A-List’ Panel 

Like any good talk show, the Movies and Mortgage series is fronted by an ‘A List’ host with an expert panel of guests joining each episode. Local radio personality Pete Snodden heads-up the discussions with a variety of panellists joining him, including local estate agents, solicitors and homeowners as well as popular architect and Grand Design star, Patrick Bradley.

“It’s important to us that the episodes offer viewers the most relevant, useful and practical advice to help them move forward with their home ambitions,” explains Michael. “To do that, you need the industry insiders who live and breathe the sector every day as well as those who have successfully completed their own home journey, and even won awards along the way! That’s exactly what each episode of Movies and Mortgages offers, real-life insight without the jargon.” 

First Time Buyers 

The First Time Buyers episode guest-stars recent first-time buyer Caitlyn Lendrum, alongside estate agent Olga McAteer and AIB mortgage adviser, Michael McClements.  

Given the current buoyancy and demand in the marketplace, Michael says the episode is one of the most popular in the series. He explains: “With the relief on stamp duty payments for First Time Buyers, more and more people are looking to buy their first home. In this episode we start at the beginning of the journey and talk about how to get mortgage-ready and manage your finances, the paperwork involved as well as advice and tips on searching for a new home, the role of estate agents, rates, insurance and how you know if you’ve found the right home.” 

“It was a great episode to film and to hear from Caitlyn, a recent first-time buyer who found her dream home on Instagram, and local estate agent Olga McAteer, who knows exactly what to look for in a starter home.

“As always, Pete Snodden is ready with the insightful questions viewers want to hear and at the bank we’re always keen to hear from anyone who has watched the episode and has additional questions of their own. It’s a delight to get any follow up calls or emails, knowing we are helping people find their dream home.” 

To watch the ‘Movies and Mortgages’ first-time buyers episode and for the chance to win a home movie prize courtesy of AIB, click here.  

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