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The power of plants: why we should all be having, even at least some, meatless mealtimes


Nabbing a starring role at this year’s awards season, alongside the movies, stars of the silver screen and the frocks of course, was talk about our precious environment and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Joaquin Phoenix spoke poignantly in his re-worn Stella McCartney suit about how “we have become disconnected from the natural world” as he accepted his Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the titular character in Joker. And before the awards were dished out, strictly plant-based food was served up at the ceremony. Vegan food was also on the menu across the pond at the BAFTA’s while guests were encouraged to don more sustainable designs with The Duchess of Cambridge leading the way giving a stunning Alexander McQueen gown a second showing on the red-carpet.

Our environment and climate change is not merely a topic du jour - it is influencing the news agenda and shaping global politics in a way that it has never quite before. 

Taste the revolution

Greta Thunberg last year sailed across the Atlantic to attend the UN Climate Action Summit while Coldplay announced that they would pause touring all together until they could offer “environmentally beneficial” concerts.

Most of us would like to make positive changes and become more environmentally aware and it’s hard to know where to begin. But please don’t give up your fortnight in Benidorm just yet.

Whether you’re a world famous musician or a mere Monday to Friday office worker, it is almost universally agreed that one of the most impactful ways to reduce your carbon footprint right now is by eating more plant-based alternatives to meat. Rearing animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy and water. So even by swapping the odd beef burger for a vegan option will help make a difference. 

The secret’s out: 100 per cent plant based can be 100 per cent delicious

Eating more vegan food has never been easier and we saw that this Veganuary. It’s no longer solely the domain of expensive health food stores: supermarkets are lined with plant based aisles while big high street names hopped on board with their own alternative takes and leading the change was your favourite sandwich chain, Subway.

Subway: shaking up your lunch game

Get your mouth around this: the new Meatless Meatball Marinara Sub. That’s right your old favourite now comes in a vegan friendly option of meat-free meatballs smothered in the same marinara sauce topped with a layer of vegan cheese. And it’s equally as delicious as the original. 

Subway’s delicious Vegan Patty is also bursting with big flavours like red pepper, spicy chilli, sweet red onion and garlic. Pick your favourite freshly baked bread, add deliciously crisp toppings and finish with a big flavour sauce. Or go even greener and pack more vegetables in with a delicious Vegan Subway Salad. 

Did you know that their Garlic Aioli is also 100 per cent vegan? 

Eating is believing 

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and the vegan range at Subway is a great place to start if you want to make a small difference to the planet that will also delight your tastebuds. Even the most sceptical might find themselves a convert.

Subways all over Northern Ireland are on board so making your move to more meatless eating has never been easier. Try the latest mouthwatering Vegan range today.

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