Video: make a Christmas wreath for your door

ALLOW Kathryn Millar from The Flower Room in Holywood, Co Down, to show you how to make a beautiful wreath which you can hang on your own door or gift to someone else.

Let us know how you get on and email a picture of your wreath to


1 Buy a wire frame  (Kathryn used a 26 inch frame which costs £8 and can be purchased from florists)

2 Press moss into it, front and back, until it is covered completely. You can buy a bag of moss from a florist or source it in your garden 

3 Without cutting wire from the reel, wind it tightly around the moss and frame as you go along and when the wreath is covered tie a tight knot in the wire

4 It's time to put foliage on the wreath and you can use bits of spruce, ivy, berries, eucalyptus and anything nice you find in your garden

5 Group the foliage into small bunches and lay the first bunch on the mossy wreath. Loop the reel wire tightly around the frame and secure 

6 Keep attaching bunches of foliage to the wreath but leave a space where the ribbon bow will be placed

7 When you have attached as many bunches of foliage as you want start trimming long stems to make it neat and to ensure your door doesn't get scratched

8 Now it's time to add pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, dried chillies, dried apples and the like. You can make all these decorations yourself and 'wire' them in advance using stronger gauge wire

9 Pine cones need to be quite open to ensure you can wrap wire around them discreetly, if they are closed pop them in the oven for 20 minutes. 

10 Oranges can be dried out in a hot press over a long time or in a low temperature oven

10 To 'wire' a cone or dried fruit, use a piece of gauge wire, wrap one end around the object, pinch the two bits of wire together and twist tightly. Push the long wire stem through the wreath or into a hard stem, find the other end at the back of the wreath and bend it in tightly to secure it

11 Kathryn likes to group things in three, such as pine cones, and would use 12 cones in a wreath this size

12  All the dried fruit and cones can be removed after the new year and placed in an airtight bag for reuse next year

13 When you have added as much decoration as you want add a bow to the top of the wreath

14 Ceate a hook to hang your wreath 

15 Spritz the wreath with water and it will survive well into January

16 Be the envy of friends and neighbours

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