Jake O'Kane: I'll not be watching the pampered prima donnas in the World Cup, though I hope England get to the final... and lose

Most comments complimented the undoubted skill of Ruari Canavan whereas I applauded the other player for his commitment. Many the Saturday I also went home picking grass from between my teeth having been duped by a fast-footed forward...

If you want to see real footballing skill and commitment, stick with the GAA rather than Fifa, says Jake, who admired the contest between Glen's Connor Carville and Errigal Ciaran's Ruairi Canavan in the Ulster Senior Club Football Championship quarter-final this month. Picture by Margaret McLaughlin.
I won't be following the World Cup, and this is only partly due to the egregious decision by Fifa to hold it in Qatar, a country with a lamentable record of human rights and whose football stadium[...]

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