DUP best represents views of some Catholics on moral issues

That drop in nationalist support is significant because it suggests that the union with Britain is arguably more secure than ever before and it undermines the case that has been made fairly regularly by Sinn Féin for a referendum on Irish unity under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. Picture by David Young, Press Association
Martin O'Brien
ATTENTION has not surprisingly been drawn to one particularly interesting aspect of the assembly election results, namely the fall in the combined nationalist vote from 42 per cent in the 2011 Stormont poll through to 38.4 per cent in the Westminster election a year ago to just 36 per cent last week. There is one factor that both nationalist parties would prefer was overlooked in any analysis of this trend. And that is the uncomfortable truth that the DUP best represents the views of a not insignificant number of Catholics on important moral issues such as abortion and the redefinition o[...]

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