Arlene Foster ignoring the truth over north's position on EU

It seems the mentality on Planet Arlene is that the sea is a hundred miles from Enniskillen because thirty miles west of Enniskillen the world comes to an end
Well, unlike the assembly election Arlene Foster can’t claim she won this one. In fact she was decisively defeated 56 per cent- 44 per cent. When it comes to talking about the EU she doesn’t speak for people here, not even for many unionists in the north. The 56 per cent for Remain has to include unionists and it does. For example North Down, not known for its rabid republicanism, voted 52 per cent-48 per cent Remain. Her reaction has been to talk only about the UK vote ignoring the truth that the majority of people here do not believe it is in their best interests to leave t[...]

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