NEWS REPORTER    -   Suzanne McGonagle has been a journalist for the Irish News for 12 years, working on a wide variety of news and entertainment stories.

Suzanne studied Media and English at Ulster University before completing a Masters in Newspaper Journalism at the same university.

She began her journalism career at City Beat Radio in Belfast where she worked as a reporter and newsreader from 1999 to 2003.

Suzanne also worked as a news presenter for Seven Sound Radio in Ballymena in 2002.

She joined the Irish News in 2003 as a reporter. She spent several years as the newspaper's Newry correspondent, covering the Newry and Armagh areas.

As a news reporter, now based in Belfast, she covers news, entertainment, showbiz and human interest stories.

Suzanne also writes a weekly column for the Irish News, featured every Friday.

She lives in Co Down with her husband and three sons.


Donegal bar named pub of the year

Donegal bar named pub of the year

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Stephen Clements inducted into 2021 IMRO Hall of Fame

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