Brendan Crossan has worked in the Irish News sports department since 1999. He started out as a placement student and somehow bluffed his way into a staff position a year later.

A Belfast native, his sporting interests include soccer, boxing and gaelic games. He writes The Boot Room sports column every Friday.

Highlights of his career are interviewing boxing legend Tommy Hearns and covering the 2002 World Cup finals and Euro 2012 as the newspaper's Republic of Ireland correspondent.

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David McGoldrick

David McGoldrick "desperate" to play for Ireland: Stephen Kenny

GIVEN his close relationship with former boss Mick McCarthy and the creeping years, David McGoldrick could easily have announced his international retirement – but the Sheffield United striker is “desperate” to play for the Republic of Ireland and is almost certain to lead the attack in tomorrow night’s Euro semi-final play-off against Slovakia.


  1. If you get a chance buy the paper today and read Mark Lynch’s story. Some bit of work by @CahairOKane1


  3. Bruce Springsteen. The Greatest. Whoever. Lived. 🙌

  4. The economy is on fire & furlough schemes are no fire-guard. It's time we looked at Covid from a different angle.……

  5. It was as if Waterford thought Belfast was in Norway.

  6. BREAKING NEWS Last night Antrim were informed by Ardchomhairle that they must give up home venue for tomorrow's……

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  7. Antrim footballers👏👏👏

  8. "Keeping people in the dark feeds distrust and non-compliance at a time when trust and compliance have never been m……

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  9. Pure waffle from Waterford footballers

  10. As is my wont, I was in my local Chinese takeaway establishment... They had a sign sellotaped to the door... 'Due……

  11. First of thanks for all the good luck messages, you's don't know how much it means to me & sorry I can't get back t……

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  12. Hopefully see you's all soon and I think I'm entitled to say 2020 can well and truly do one.

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  13. Young sportspeople getting a raw deal everywhere you turn.


  15. Thoroughly enjoyed this chat with Paul Osam. More like a coaching tutorial than an interview…

  16. Hope…

  17. If you have a job with a zero hrs contract, if you don’t show up you’re not going to be paid. People will be placed……

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