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Worrying time as fresh warnings issued on Covid

It is both reasonable and understandable that the Stormont Executive is trying to facilitate a Christmas that will allow families to meet and businesses to trade at the end of what has been a hugely difficult year.

Chance for taoiseach to show his Shared Island Unit is more than a talking shop

The latest developments in the Brexit saga which now means that the Northern Ireland Protocol will be implemented just after January 1 given the climb down by Boris Johnson and his government from the contentious clauses of the Internal Market Bill underscores that the light of democracy must be allowed to shine.  

Ominous Brexit signs for unionists

The days back in 2017when Britain sent out its then international trade secretary Liam Fox to declare that the process of reaching a post Brexit EU/UK deal should be `one of the easiest in human history' are long gone.

The DUP must share blame for any no deal Brexit

IT is a year to the day since the fateful general election which saw Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party secure a remarkable landslide victory, propelled to an 80-seat majority by the promise that he could 'get Brexit done'.

Caution needed as Covid-19 restrictions ease

THE relaxation in coronavirus restrictions from today will be widely welcomed, but must be tempered by extreme vigilance to prevent an already dire situation becoming even worse.