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Fragile peace must be protected

While there will be a sense of relief that the rioting and disorder that erupted last week has not continued over recent days, there are fears that this will be merely a brief respite.

Loyalists mistaken in belief that Good Friday Agreement borne of violence

MANY political analysts, newspaper columnists and unionist political leaders are suggesting that loyalists mistakenly believe that the Good Friday Agreement was borne out of the use of violence, something that could not be further from the truth, but it has left the false impression that by violence others’ aims could also be achieved.

Troubles victims have waited too long for compensation

Confirmation that Stormont will pay for the Troubles pension scheme is a hugely positive development but it is regrettable that has taken so long for victims and survivors to receive the certainty they deserve.

Unionist leaders must stop drip-feeding us paranoia

AS I write this, I am hoping in advance that the unionist leaders have used the unfortunate death of Prince Philip (just announced) to ask for all protests this weekend to be called off as a mark of respect to our mourning queen; this will give time for a political solution to the riots.

Loyalists dishonour Duke of Edinburgh's memory

It is hugely ironic that some loyalist groups claimed they were temporarily scaling down their violent street protests as a mark of respect to the Duke of Edinburgh, after his death at the age of 99.

Loyalist violence shows need to build a better peace

IT is difficult to single out any one episode among the litany of violence and destruction of recent days, but perhaps the most depressing was that of youths forcing open a steel gate at Lanark Way and hurling petrol bombs across the interface.

If politicians won’t change then the voters will have to

STILL in the eye of the storm, eight months after the controversial Bobby Storey funeral, Sinn Féin finally produced more of the non-apologies, in which is specialises. Looking forward to the next assembly election, no doubt the cynical calculation is that it will all be forgotten by then, it has always worked before.