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Loyalist agitation needs measured response

The growing indications that loyalist groups are planning to resume their street protests from tonight, after the weekend funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, need to be met with a measured but firm response by the authorities.

Covid relaxations signal brighter days ahead

FOLLOWING a long, difficult winter dominated by Covid-19 restrictions, there is a feeling that brighter days are ahead after the Stormont Executive agreed a package of lockdown relaxations.

Opposite extremists always appear to be on the same side of history

IN his recent statement, Lord Morrow, chairman of the DUP, claimed that compared to the 1974 Workers Council Strike and the 1985 loyalist protests against the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the recent unionist protests were of “equal seriousness”. He went on to claim that the authorities have continued to “show total and absolute capitulation to the demands of militant republicanism”.

Health service reform urgently needed

HEALTH minister Robin Swann has set out in the starkest terms the scale of the task that lies ahead for our health and social care service as it looks to a post-pandemic future.

Good Friday Agreement denies right of self-determination

IN the letters column, Friday April 9, Paul Laughlin, Doire, argued that a border poll held under the Good Friday Agreement would constitute an exercise in self-determination by the people of Ireland. In this, however, he is wrong.

Fragile peace must be protected

While there will be a sense of relief that the rioting and disorder that erupted last week has not continued over recent days, there are fears that this will be merely a brief respite.

Loyalists mistaken in belief that Good Friday Agreement borne of violence

MANY political analysts, newspaper columnists and unionist political leaders are suggesting that loyalists mistakenly believe that the Good Friday Agreement was borne out of the use of violence, something that could not be further from the truth, but it has left the false impression that by violence others’ aims could also be achieved.

Troubles victims have waited too long for compensation

Confirmation that Stormont will pay for the Troubles pension scheme is a hugely positive development but it is regrettable that has taken so long for victims and survivors to receive the certainty they deserve.