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Opinion: Lessons must be learned from Mournes blaze

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After three days of massive effort by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and other agencies the huge gorse fires on the Mourne Mountains appeared to be under control last night.

Justice for African Americans is 150 years too late

JUSTICE has been done for the family of George Floyd with the conviction of Derek Chauvin. This was described in the US media as historic. What is ironic about the use of the word historic is that more than 150 years after the passing of the 13th Amendment, Lincoln’s Emancipation Declaration and the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement there is a sense of joy, relief and surprise that an African American gets justice.

Patrick Murphy: The parties won't change until the voters do

Patrick Murphy
If, as some nationalists suggest, the answer to our increasing sectarian division is the rise of moderate unionism, is there also a case to be made for a more moderate form of nationalism? The question arises as we head into an uncertain summer, faced with the sectarian consequences of the Irish Sea border, demands for a (land) border poll, a growing sense of unionist grievance and a stand-off between the British and Irish governments.

Urgent investment to properly pedestrianise Belfast city centre

THE month of March saw a record-breaking 29,000-plus rentals of Belfast Bikes in our city. While many people are no doubt availing of the improving weather and taking the opportunity to safely get outside, with all the positive mental health benefits that comes with that, I also believe the last year has shown us that Belfast citizens are up for re-imagining how we travel, how we live, work and play within our city

Bomb attack a wicked crime

If the wicked plan concocted by dissident republicans in Co Derry had succeeded, a young mother and her three-year-old child would today be dead or horribly injured after being engulfed in flames.