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New Dublin government will face tough decisions

Much has changed in the four months since voters went to the polls in the Republic, when the surge of support for Sinn Féin indicated a desire for change amid dissatisfaction with the way issues such as housing and health were being handled.

Hospitality sectors gets a welcome boost

Northern Ireland's economic recovery took a huge step forward yesterday with the announcement that the tourism and hospitality industry can begin reopening earlier than had been anticipated.

Statues should reflect our diverse society

While the debate over symbols and emblems has always been a heated one across Ireland and within both the nationalist and unionist traditions, it is striking how quickly it has now moved to the top of the agenda in Britain as well.

Patrick Murphy: Anti-racism protests need to have precise demands in terms of legislation

Patrick Murphy
Should we remove the statue of Queen Victoria from the front of Belfast City Hall because she ruled Ireland during the Great Famine? Indeed, should we re-name Craigavon (called after the man who said "a Protestant parliament for a Protestant people") and maybe even Belfast's Chichester Street (named after the Ulster Plantation organiser)? The questions arise from the current campaign against some statues and street names as part of global anti-racism protests.

GPs raise serious questions over Covid centres

When the health service was reconfigured to prepare for the anticipated surge in coronavirus patients, one of the key elements of this strategy was the establishment of ten Covid centres across Northern Ireland.

Bombardier jobs news a devastating blow

The announcement that more than 600 jobs are set to be lost at Bombardier in Belfast is a devastating blow to workers and underlines the severe impact that coronavirus is having on the economy.