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Jim Gibney: Out of chaos can come meaningful change

Jim Gibney
Might I respectfully suggest to the incoming leadership of the DUP that they use the next few months before the departure of Arlene Foster, to read Brian Rowan’s new book: ‘Political Purgatory – the Battle to Save Stormont and the Play for a New Ireland’.

Uncertainty surrounds partition's centenary

Like so many aspects of our contested history, there are different views about the date when the centenary of partition and the creation of the state of Northern Ireland should actually be marked.

DUP cannot retreat to the past

THE DUP revolt which signalled the end of Arlene Foster's tenure as party leader and first minister was swift and ruthless.

DUP turmoil has wider implications for Stormont

THE internal putsch that toppled Arlene Foster has thrown the DUP into a turmoil which has the potential to not only destabilise the Stormont Executive but also trigger an early assembly election.

Arlene Foster's departure inevitable

Although the timing of the challenge to Arlene Foster’s leadership came as a surprise, her departure as DUP leader has been inevitable for some time.

Waiting lists need urgent action

As the number of Covid cases and deaths thankfully decline and we emerge from the latest lockdown, attention is rightly shifting to the worsening situation facing those suffering from other health conditions.

Hello Mary Lou, goodbye calls for unity referendum

OCCASIONALLY politicians when putting a policy reversal on the record, try to do so when it might not attract much attention. Mary Lou McDonald’s recent “apology” for the death of Lord Mountbatten, seems a case in point.