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Alex Kane: Sinn Féin's rivals must do more than whinge

Alex Kane
When Leo Varadkar replaces Micheál Martin as taoiseach on December 17 it will, I think, trigger what is going to be a very long election campaign: in which the main target for Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil (singly, as well as in coalition) will be Sinn Féin.

Patricia Mac Bride: Disunited UK seems intent on wreaking vengeance

Patricia Mac Bride
Writing in the Scottish Newspaper “The National” this week following his keynote address at the Ireland’s Future event in the Ulster Hall last week, SNP President Mike Russell said that Scotland and Northern Ireland live in constitutional Hotel California.

Brian Feeney: DUP fully aware of protocol advantages

Brian Feeney
Michael Russell, president of the SNP speaking at the Ulster Hall last week, lamented that while both Scotland and the north of Ireland were dragged out of the EU against their express will, Scotland has no special arrangements to mitigate the economic, personal and societal losses that have followed.

Editorial: Civil servants face impossible choices

Aeneas Bonner
IT would be difficult not to have some sympathy for Jayne Brady, head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, who has been attempting to explain the invidious position that she and other senior officials find themselves in.

Justice at last for Aidan McAnespie's family

It will be widely accepted that the then serving British soldier David Holden should have been duly convicted shortly after he killed the innocent civilian Aidan McAnespie on the Tyrone/Monaghan border in 1998 and sentenced to a significant jail term.

Tom Kelly: Threatening big stick measures won't work

Tom Kelly

Many, many moons ago, when loyalists tried to destroy power-sharing, wreck the economy and intimidate the public of Northern Ireland, the then Labour prime minister Harold Wilson asked: “Who do these people think they are?” He went further, saying they were 'sponging' off the British taxpayer.