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Alex Kane: Wheels are coming off the Brexit wagon

Alex Kane
A lot of comparisons have been drawn between Theresa May's vote of confidence and those of Margaret Thatcher and John Major; but it is worth remembering that May never really began her prime ministerial career from a position of relative strength.

Ian Paisley must be completely open about Maldives holiday

Only a matter of days after returning from a record suspension from the House of Commons, Ian Paisley once again finds himself under scrutiny over yet another lavish family holiday which he has failed to declare to parliamentary authorities.

Anger over west Belfast alert

It is appalling that hundreds of people were forced out of their homes on the outskirts of west Belfast during cold and wet weather in the run-up to Christmas because of a security alert.

Regardless how Brexit plays out the GFA remains sacrosanct

Theresa May has been on a whirlwind trip visiting regions of the union in an effort to sell her Brexit deal, however, this charm offensive appears to be futile as it looks increasingly unlikely that it will survive the wrath from her own MPs.

Scale of Muckamore Abbey abuse demands a public inquiry

Although the confidential report into the serious mistreatment of vulnerable patients at Muckamore Abbey hospital in Co Antrim is harrowing in every respect, there will still be concerns that the complete details of the scandal have yet to be revealed.

Theresa May runs out of Brexit options

When Theresa May initially described the decision facing MPs in the much anticipated Westminster vote which had been due to take place later today as `my deal, no deal or no Brexit', she may well have sincerely believed that the first option was still achievable.

The dismissing voices of DUP guilty of the ultimate betrayal

After the beginning of the Troubles, which is widely accepted to have started in August 1969, a deathly calm descended onto the streets of the north when at the behest of the unionist leader of the time, James Chichester Clarke, the British Army was deployed to restore order ‘and assert the authority of the British government’.

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