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Brian Feeney: More young unionists aren't buying the DUP's fear tactics

Why have unionists, and particularly the DUP, opposed every effort to ameliorate community relations here from equality legislation to discrimination legislation, human rights legislation, the role of the European Court of Human Rights? Why have they spurned the effort of the EU to grant an economic advantage to everyone in the north? Dr Patrick Anderson thinks he can provide at least part of the answer.

No alternative to violence?

Should we in the unionist community feel some sympathy for Michelle O’Neill who said, in an interview last week, that “at that time there was no alternative” to IRA members using violence?

Public appointments need independent scrutiny

There can only be considerable concern that Stormont ministers are continuing to select candidates for well paid posts with key semi-public organisations without an independent watchdog in place to oversee the recruitment process.

Bonfire builders in Northern Ireland lack imagination in designs

It was a pleasure to read Geraldine Brown’s letter – ‘Northern Ireland still has much to learn’ (July 28) – which on the whole was well balanced in response to my contribution, which I hope to make each July on the topic of events we classify as the Twelfth and separately, the Eleventh Night.

Brexit was a disaster at all levels

As it has already been well documented that Brexit proved to be a political and economic disaster for all sections of our divided society, it should not come as a surprise to learn that it has also had a hugely negative impact on community relations.

DUP being allowed to scatter Good Friday Agreement to the winds

Micheál Martin, Leo Varadkar and the rag-tag group of meaningless individuals that constitute the incumbent Free State government should hang their heads in abject shame at the way in which they have allowed the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) to be scattered to the winds by the DUP and the British government.

Jake O'Kane: It's a kind of magic

Jake O'Kane

I'VE a secret I didn't want known, but I suspect it's about to be revealed, so I've decided you, my loyal readers, should be the first to know.