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Newton Emerson: Leaked briefing notes show NIO's lines are wearing thin

Newton Emerson
A briefing note to secretary of state Karen Bradley, accidentally emailed to journalists by the Northern Ireland Office, show her ‘lines to take’ on a border poll are that she believes nationalists would not win it, the Good Friday Agreement test for a poll is therefore not met, so as Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said, discussing it at this time is “unhelpful and unnecessary.

Dr Watt's patients must be given adequate support

The recall of more than 2,000 patients under the care of Dr Michael Watt was unprecedented for the Northern Ireland health service but as the weeks pass, the serious issues of concern about his work have become more apparent.

Irish border defies Brexit planners

In the course of the increasingly chaotic Brexit negotiations, various claims have been put forward about the number of public roads which actually cross the Irish border.

Time for clarity from Michael D Higgins

There has been some surprise that President Michael D Higgins has yet to confirm whether he is prepared to seek re-election for another seven years this Autumn.

Governments should call for an end to Middle-East mayhem

ANDREW J Shaw (May 2) has added blinkers to his rose-tinted glasses in his perception of the horrific actions of the Israeli army on the edge of the open-air prison camp (as described by ex-UK prime minister David Cameron) that is Gaza.

Anger over blocking of GAA broadcast

A considerable debate has taken place over the difficulties surrounding some cross-border broadcasting arrangements involving RTÉ, particularly when major sporting events are under way.

William Graham: Where are the peacemakers in Northern Ireland today?

William Graham
THIS is the question – where are the peacemakers now in the year 2018 in a divided society in Northern Ireland? A few years ago in Washington DC I stood on a step at the Lincoln memorial where Martin Luther King delivered his ``I have a dream speech.

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