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Climate change challenges all of us

The Irish News

This week's cold snap means that most of us will have been more focused on keeping our homes warm than addressing the challenge of global warming.

The DUP never wanted to share power with nationalists – Brian Feeney

Brian Feeney

NO, Alex, the fundamental point of your argument – “The reality, of course, is that the DUP and SF worked very closely together to make power-sharing impossible” – is based on an entirely false premise, namely the notion that the DUP ever wanted to share power with any nationalist or republican party.

No place for racism in modern Ireland – Tom Collins

Tom Collins

JUST when you thought the tide was turning and right-wing fanaticism was in retreat, the Argentines elect a chainsaw-wielding president, the Dutch vote for a right-wing racist, and the centre of Dublin goes up in flames when a mob takes to the streets.