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Acht na Gaeilge

The demand for an Irish language act is like Brexit: nobody will say beforehand what it will entail, or in what contexts one would have the right to use Irish, eg courts, hospitals, civil service.

Support for conditional amnesties

The findings of the Institute of Irish Studies-University of Liverpool/The Irish News poll published last week “shows an electorate seeking progress”, according to Professor Peter Shirlow, Director of the Institute, but one lacking faith in Northern Ireland’s current political leadership.

Electoral promises

Many political pundits argue that the electorate has the power in the forthcoming election as to what they politically desire but to the electorate that power seems limited to the candidates before them and nothing else.

Putrid smell of sectarian discrimination once again floating in the air

I am old enough to remember the early days of the Troubles and the peaceful protests of the Civil Rights Association in an effort to end the rancid problem of discrimination on purely sectarian grounds against the Catholic population of this artificially created six-county statelet.

The message is clear Mr Feeney

Once again Mr Feeney rants and regurgitates history with the usual caricatures of unionists, of which I am not one. He then bangs on about Theresa May’s bacon-saving deal with the DUP, commonly known as ‘realpolitik’. 

Will we ever learn?

As I watch the nightly news and read the various newspaper stories outlining the horror and carnage that is unfolding across Ukraine and no doubt still happening in other unreported parts of the world, I wonder will we ever learn that violence is not the answer.

Military solutions is no solution

I wish to draw attention to the irresponsible views (March 15) put forward, without critical analysis, by The Irish News that the “economic consequences of Putin invasion could be vast and dire.”

British governments present greatest constitutional threat to north

Those who fear that the union of Britain with the north of Ireland is under threat really must stop at blaming issues which have no impact whatsoever on the constitutional status of the north and put the blame fairly and squarely where it lies – and that is at the feet of successive British governments.