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Government plan is needed to end passport application chaos

Several times over the last number of years I have called on the Irish government to intervene and end the huge backlog of passport applications currently in the system – thousands of people are presently in a queue, waiting for an Irish passport.

Food for thought

I read with interest Fr McCafferty’s thundering defence of the unborn child in his parish church on Easter Monday (April 18).

Can the election make a difference?

I approach the election with the perspective of someone who grew up in England to parents of northern Irish heritage and who came to live in Northern Ireland in 2017 to understand more about its history and that of Ireland generally.

Dream of united Ireland abandoned

I have often argued on this page that both the British and Free State governments have viewed the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) as an enduring political solution rather than an interim arrangement.

Linguistic casuistry

Breandán Mac Collaim’s casuistic defence of the “An Roinn Oideachais” construction against the evidence of the native-speaker corpus is becoming wearisome – ‘Ungrammatical Irish names’
(March 29).

Continued Executive uncertainty risks charity sector turmoil

In the face of unprecedented challenges and strains on resources and finances, like the pandemic, charity and voluntary organisations have really stepped up – often providing life-changing services for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society.

Acht na Gaeilge

The demand for an Irish language act is like Brexit: nobody will say beforehand what it will entail, or in what contexts one would have the right to use Irish, eg courts, hospitals, civil service.

Support for conditional amnesties

The findings of the Institute of Irish Studies-University of Liverpool/The Irish News poll published last week “shows an electorate seeking progress”, according to Professor Peter Shirlow, Director of the Institute, but one lacking faith in Northern Ireland’s current political leadership.