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Sectarian chanting

THERE has been widespread media condemnation in recent days to what is termed displays of sectarianism at the Wolfe Tones concert during the Féile.

North’s education system engineered to create social division

A landmark study, based on research carried out for the Institute for Fiscal Studies, found that the attainment gap between poorer pupils in England and their better-off classmates is just as large now as it was 20 years ago and the Coronavirus pandemic is likely to have increased the inequalities in education.

Sir Jeffrey and DUP have again shown world they can’t be trusted

The leader of the DUP recently stood in front of the Lords’ sub-committee on the Northern Ireland Protocol and – playing to the hardliners and nonconformists of his adopted party – made spurious, unfounded accusations claiming “the Irish government are tone deaf and ignorant of unionist concerns”.

Violence of the Troubles could have been averted

Following Michelle O Neil’s answer to the loaded question posed by Mark Carruthers, that the PIRA campaign was inevitable, Colum Eastwood and Naomi Long, accompanied by some of our Sunday tabloid journalists, were quick to say she was wrong.

Unionist revisionism

There is a recurring revisionist narrative from people like Kate Hoey and Jim Allister that would portray government in the six counties up until direct rule as fair and democratic.

A man for all seasons

Politically I didn’t like or dislike David Trimble.  He was a person with a detached persona. He had a political vision linked to the unconventionality of his political intelligence and imagination.

Lifeline for political unionism

In the wake of the latest failure to persuade the DUP to do their job, or at least allow others to do theirs, DUP scripts had started to fray at the edges.

No alternative to violence?

Should we in the unionist community feel some sympathy for Michelle O’Neill who said, in an interview last week, that “at that time there was no alternative” to IRA members using violence?

DUP being allowed to scatter Good Friday Agreement to the winds

Micheál Martin, Leo Varadkar and the rag-tag group of meaningless individuals that constitute the incumbent Free State government should hang their heads in abject shame at the way in which they have allowed the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) to be scattered to the winds by the DUP and the British government.

Social decay has reached rock bottom

Today we can watch the activities of people around the world, some good, some funny, but mostly it is horror that catches people’s attention, and the recent online video of the actions of children on the Glider bus in Belfast falls squarely into the category.