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Late senator’s words provide a better foundation to build future on

When one reflects on the widespread focus on the understandable concerns around the threat to the security of PSNI officers arising out of the data leaks, one is left wondering why we are not angrier about what seems to be an acceptance of an “acceptable level of threat” to them and their families.

Burying truth along with victims

It is remarkable that Trevor Ringland has so little sympathy for nationalist perspectives, yet expects us to heed his directives.

Preaching to the converted

I recently attended an Ireland’s Future gathering at St Mary’s College about the road map to a border poll which turned out, to no surprise, to be an evangelical lecture about the virtues of Irish unification. As a ‘persuadable’ I am up for a thoughtful, social, political, and economically progressive-driven road map, but this was not it.

Only one party to blame for Stormont shut down

I would like to put on record my appreciation of all your commentators, reporters and contributors who provide us with information on everyday issues affecting the people of Northern Ireland.

One global family

There is an untapped potential to move humanity from its narrow national boundaries and self-interests to an enlightened future in which reality and empathy will help prevent the extinction of civilisation from the destructive impact of global warming, war mongering and the exploitation of peoples and limited resources.

Better outcomes for Britain

Chris Heaton-Harris claims Britain is pushing its Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill “to achieve better outcomes” in legacy cases.

Educational catastrophe

Being born poor anywhere in the world places a child at a huge disadvantage but there are countries where the education system mitigates against the worst effects of poverty. Countries like Canada, Finland, South Korea and Japan, where the education system supports disadvantaged children.

Slán to Sinéad

SINÉAD O’Connor – those eyes, their fiery flame will never die; the voice that came from somewhere deep beyond the sea; that searching soul that swept up strays and lost causes – is no more.