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Corporal punishment a failed method of learning

With regard to corporal punishment being  dished out in schools in the Republic, I can indeed concur from my experience as I am sure many others can also from their ordeal of Irish education system of the past.

Procedure for electing executive urgently needs to be amended

Even if he delays calling a new assembly election, the new Northern Ireland Secretary of State will still be unable to prevent future crises resulting in the intermittent collapses of the assembly institutions including the power-sharing executive itself.

Working class poverty

SINCE the DUP got into bed with the Tory party after Brexit in 2016 I have been concerned that our unionist leaders have been less than transparent with us.

Hard to avoid the fact nobody likes the unionists

THE funeral of the queen set Sinn Féin a challenge and stage to be true to their word after May’s election, their capacity as a serious political party with all the responsibilities that go with it to act outside narrow political self-interest.

The day I dined with future king

IT WAS in the early 1990s. Sir Jonathan Stephens of the NIO, knowing my admiration for Prince Charles and the excellent work of his Prince’s Trust, arranged for an invitation to be sent to me to join HRH at Hillsborough Castle for dinner.

Peace process demands change

REGARDING Mr O’Fiach’s letter – ‘Sectarian chanting’ (August 25) – I was loath to reply, but his comments do need a riposte.

Energy crisis self-inflicted

Eugene F Parte (September 1) asks a pertinent question about the cause of the energy crisis and the current inadequate response. In short, there are different contributing factors at play which can be attributed to globalisation, left-wing activism and government policy.  

Blinkered interpretation of history

At a parade organised by the Royal Black Institution in Bangor the grand master, William Anderson, became the latest loyalist to attempt to rewrite the history of the Troubles for their supporters. Anderson jumped on the political bandwagon of those who would like history to be rewritten to support their interpretation and deny the facts that are recorded and open for all to see and read.