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Threat of further lockdowns simply masking lack of capacity in NHS

I have given the Stormont Assembly the benefit of the doubt on so many occasions during this pandemic, but following the minister’s latest announcement of another potential lockdown, I feel that speaking up is our duty given the idiocy of these proposals.

Catholic schools not the root cause of conflict in Northern Ireland

Reading the article in The Irish News – ‘Dornan: I was lucky to go to an integrated school’ (November 6) – I am in no doubt that Jamie Dornan, a celebrity with VIP superiority gives a great boost of encouragement to the advocates for integrated education.

Admirable scheme proving an attractive alternative to university

Euan Blair is the scion of a very talented, education focused family. He graduated from Bristol University and subsequently made a postgraduate study of ancient history, which he claims “taught him nothing” – a perspective redolent of the Henry Ford quotation that “history is bunk”.

United Ireland forum an intellectual bandwagon without any detail

The second meeting of the united Ireland forum in the Galmont Hotel in Galway City on October 28 was similar to the first one in Cork – an intellectual bandwagon without any detail about government institutions in a united Ireland, just discursive debate on issues.