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Social decay has reached rock bottom


Today we can watch the activities of people around the world, some good, some funny, but mostly it is horror that catches people’s attention, and the recent online video of the actions of young people on the Glider bus in Belfast falls squarely into the category.

It was with increasing incredulity I watched the appalling actions of these young people and could not help think we have reached rock bottom in terms of social decay. A malaise that has been in the making for generations and a damning indictment of all the political parties that have focused their energies on the virtue-signalling sideshows of the Northern Ireland Protocol, the multi-coloured flag waving and headline-grabbing head wear.

A large swathe of a generation is being lost to the blight of drug addiction, rampant anti-social behaviour, alarming levels of crime and unemployment with its attendant levels of despair and hopelessness. Children have been living all their lives without regard to responsibility, free to act without guidance or control. There is little consequence to their actions and even less price to be paid.

They are acting without morality or conscience while the political parties remain inert. They are an irrelevance and regularly prove an active obstacle to the creation of a society that offers hope and promise to the young. The fact is that our brightest and best still have to leave our shores to realise their full potential.

It is to our shame that we turn out at election after election to legitimise this sorry state of affairs.

Belfast BT15


Unreasonable criticism

Sabina Coyne Higgins has been a life-long advocate for peace and justice and so has her husband, President Michael D Higgins. She has been subjected to unreasonable criticism and abuse simply because she called for a negotiated ceasefire in the Ukrainian conflict. She has never suggested that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was justified. Bunreacht na hÉireann Article 29 states that: “Ireland affirms its devotion to the ideal of peace and friendly cooperation among nations founded on international justice and morality” and that “Ireland affirms its adherence to the principle of the pacific settlement of international disputes by international arbitration or judicial determination.” Those who criticise her are in effect calling for a continuation of the war in Ukraine which has already caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people including many children. For every day this war continues hundreds of more people will be killed. It is so easy for politicians in Ireland and elsewhere to oppose a negotiated ceasefire but we must ask ‘qui bono’ who benefits as the killing continues?
Since the first Gulf war in 1991, up to one million children have died due to unjustified war-related reasons across the wider Middle East. Now innocent Ukrainian children are being added daily to this dreadful statistic. The real risk of a nuclear war is also being ignored.

The Irish government should be using its membership of the UN Security Council to work for peace in Ukraine as they are mandated to do under Article 29 of our Constitution.

Castletroy, Co Limerick


Sabina just expressing what most of us are thinking

What a relief it is to see someone of the stature of Sabina Higgins express what most of us are thinking – peacemaking must commence immediately. War is the ultimate failure of humans to behave responsibly. 

All wars must end sooner or later. Negotiation is the only tool in the box to accomplish this end. 

Every country, including in the EU and US, Nato, is simply and insanely calling for more weapons to be shipped to Ukraine, giving the false impression that planet Earth wishes to see Russia destroyed.

Not for the first time, Ms Higgins has shown an admirable independence and courage in the face of skewed public opinion and the ‘acceptable’ narrative. 

Other voices calling for peace include Pope Francis and Claire Daly MEP – a more diverse group would be difficult to imagine yet the sooner they are heard and listened to the sooner this obscene war will end. 

Bantry, Co Cork


President must distance himself from wife’s letter

Regardless of what one might think of its contents, the very principle of the partner of the President of Ireland sending a detailed letter to a leading newspaper on a highly contentious foreign affairs issue is deeply problematic. One can only assume that such a letter has the tacit support of President Higgins himself. To resolve this unfortunate situation, which is embarrassing the office of president, and the country, President Higgins must publicly distance himself from his wife’s letter, or take the more appropriate course of action, which would be to resign his position. 

Clontarf, Dublin



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