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Anglo-Irish relations will remain challenging for next British PM


After the Conservative members of parliament thinned the ranks of contenders to replace Boris Johnson, there are now two left standing – Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. They are the candidates for the Conservative members to vote for the next prime minister in early September. Both have quickly forgotten that they were members of the Johnson regime. They are now talking as if the Conservatives have been in opposition for the past 12 years, where truth was lost and lies were spun. 

Sunak is a purveyor of current treasury/bank orthodoxies. They love him. Truss hasn’t a competent bone in her body. She wants to emulate Thatcher. In one debate she even dressed like her. A touch of an old talent TV show, Stars in Their Eyes, showcasing the contestant’s own talents, and their ability to mimic their favourite artist. So maybe Sunak should start dressing like Johnson. They went head-to-head and clashed fiercely in a tennis-style rally on their economic policies and tax plans. Sunak warned that Truss’s tax-cut plans would tip millions of people into misery and cost the Tories the next general election, expected around 2024. Tory survival and power is at the front and has always been top of their priorities? The UK is in a race to the bottom because they are led by a party out of touch with reality. 

There is an elephant in the room, but Truss and Sunak have ignored it so far. They may not want to talk about it, but they can’t avoid the Northern  Ireland Protocol. Once referred to by Boris Johnson as requiring a “relatively trivial set of adjustments”. Both will continue Johnson’s hardball tactics with the EU. Truss in particular is using it to her advantage. Her convenient conversion to a Eurosceptic cause has played well with right-wing Tories. In the past she has shown little interest in Northern Ireland affairs. You may remember when she dismissed the impact of a no-deal Brexit as merely affecting a few farmers with turnips in the back of their trucks. The arrogance of her using the Protocol Bill, which she designed and is in breach of national and international law, to show her ability to get things done. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the DUP on the outcome of the contest and do the contestants fit in with their world? Whether the next UK prime minister is Truss or Sunak, Anglo-Irish relations will remain challenging.

Dublin 6


There’s a new 32-county horizon coming where we can live equally

It is hard to know where to start with on Henry Gordon’s letter – ‘Palestinians would be happy to swap with Irish Catholics’ (July 26). 
First off, not everyone in the Republic of Ireland is a Catholic and not all republicans are Catholic. Regarding his fleeting observation that we are all living the utopian life under British rule, with the odd massacre here and there being the exception to the rule, I would suggest that he reads all of The Irish News when he buys it for a nosy. 
I would recommend Eamon Phoenix’s look back on history ’On This Day’ featured each day. 
As for the Protestant US, well I suppose he forgot to mention the Native American tribes who were mercilessly slaughtered by the charitable settlers who were just trying to ‘civilise’ them.

And while we’re at it, the prosperous, well-run Latin-American countries he speaks so highly of, maybe his attitude would be less complimentary had he been one of the millions of African slaves taken there to create the prosperity he effuses over. 
Finally to Churchill. Well Henry can certainly pick them.

A bastion of English privilege. A mass murderer in more than one country. A hater of, and hated by, the working class and a racist.

Don’t worry, there’s a new 32-county horizon coming where we can all live and breathe equally.



Bonfire site should have been preserved

A lthough an investigation is under way into the death of John Steele at a large bonfire in Larne on July 9, it is striking that the scene was cleared by heavy machinery within 24 hours at what was said to be the request of ‘the community’. It would surely have been more appropriate if the entire location had been preserved until all the official inquiries had been completed. In the circumstances, can the eventual findings of the investigation be regarded as fully reliable ?



Fair-minded view of what’s going on in Ireland

To my shame I have only recently discovered The Irish News and I’m very happy to have done so – as I’m already a big fan. It’s the only paper in Ireland, to my knowledge, that gives the nationalist people of Ireland and abroad a fair-minded view of what’s going in the north of our country. I was totally in agreement with what James Woods had to say – ‘Taoiseach leading Ireland towards slippery slop of joining Nato’ (July 27). Hopefully he will be gone soon before he does any real damage.

Ballyporeen, Co Tipperary


Impossible to keep a brilliant man down

Let me be the first to predict that Boris Johnson will once again be gladly restored to the leadership of the Tories and possibly be re-elected PM at some future date.

A brilliant man and politician such as Boris is impossible to write off as yesterday’s man.

Bantry, Co Cork


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