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Right to be wearied by those parading unionist voice of the people

Terri Jackson (May 22) highlights the disillusionment experienced from, one can only assume, a sizable portion of the unionist electorate over the antics of the people they chose to represent them, both DUP and UUP. The author was particularly contemptuous of the DUP’s member of the European parliament, Diane Dodds, and her fellow MEP, the UUP’s Jim Nicholson, after both were absent from a debate on Newsnight when Martina Anderson was interviewed. Also, chiefly concerning was their no show at the Balmoral Show when Mrs Anderson and the British secretary of state Karen Bradley had a minor confrontation over embarrassing issues concerning the lack of movement of the British toward devolutionary affairs. In the grand scheme of political mischiefs these examples of poor leadership encompassing a lack of decorum and good sound manners are just the tip of an enormous anthill in relation to certain unionist politicians.

This was glaringly apparent after the announcement of Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator on Brexit that he would be in the north on a fact finding visit and to seek views of various concerned parties. Included in his visit was the constituency of Jim Nicholson. There are rumblings from certain quarters that the imposition of Brexit – 56 per cent voiced their opposition to withdrawal –  on the people of the north is going to be detrimental to their everyday lives. This visit was spectacularly shunned and ignored by the UUP’s MEP who said ‘he could meet him anytime in Brussels’.  

The actions of both of these unionists, who are in essence representative of the people and for the people who took the time to go out and use their vote to elect them to speak on their behalf. And Terri Jackson has a perfectly legitimate grumble in line with the constitutional rights afforded to them to be disgusted and wearied by those parading as the unionist voice of the people.

Belfast BT1


Varadkar should not have spoken at Catholic college

St Mary’s University College, Belfast, is a revered Catholic institution which has a mission to train Catholic teachers to assist in the faith-formation of Catholic children and young people. 

Last Friday the pro-abortion Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, was present in the College to launch Féile an Phobail 2018. 

He signed the college visitors’ book and, during his address, promoted the abortion lobby’s designs on the north of Ireland, opining that citizens in the north should have access to same ‘rights’ as citizens in the 26 counties and Britain – including effectively so-called ‘abortion rights’. 

There are other more suitable venues where Féile an Phobail 2018 could have hosted Mr Varadkar on that occasion other than St Mary’s.

It is totally unacceptable that persons, no matter who they are, no matter what position they hold in society, whose views are entirely incompatible with the Church’s teaching on such a crucial moral issue as abortion, should be afforded a stage to broadcast their views in a Catholic establishment.

It is imperative that Catholic institutions, if they are to remain worthy of the name, disentangle themselves from any association with establishment figures – and any persons or organisations, whosoever and whatsoever – who promote an agenda or ideologies that cannot be reconciled  in any way with what it means to be a faithful Christian and Catholic in
Ireland today.

Belfast BT12


A dark day in Ireland’s history

Hardly a day passes without some atrocity or injustice being brought to our attention.

On Friday May 25 the Republic was the setting for yet another disaster, as we witnessed a country hand the care of the most innocent in society over to the abortionists.

What can you say about people who would do such a shameful thing? With the world watching, what decent person would not fail to be repulsed at the singing and cheering by those celebrating the result.

Recently there has been talk of a border poll and a united Ireland. I no longer want anything to do with those in the Republic. Here in the north we are drowning in intolerance and sectarianism. We have two so-called nationalist parties who deserve nothing but contempt. Both tell us a child no longer needs a mother and a father. One party claimed to be pro-life, only for their leader to support with the pro-choice camp. What an embarrassment. There is now nowhere to go.

Friday May 25 will go down as the darkest day in this island’s history. 

Coleraine Co Derry


Let God be the judge

There was a lot of discussion in the media about the various actions of priests in relation to abortion. The priests should follow the example of Jesus: ‘Judge and you shall be judged, the measure you use to judge others will be used to judge you.’ ‘Let him or her without sin throw the first stone.’ ‘Your forgiveness is dependant on your forgiveness of others.’
Let God be the judge.

Abortion is wrong because it is the taking of innocent life in all circumstances. We are judged to be alive by our heart beat. Why should the unborn child not be judged by its heart beat which starts beating 21 days after conception?

Draperstown, Co Derry


Health or safety?

Britain buys five new military striker jets costing £92m each with more on order. Our annual military budget is £46,000,000,000 – the fifth highest in the world. That’s nearly 40 times greater than our annual health budget so of course the Department of Defence could afford the ‘must have’ jets to ‘keep us safe’. Where is the money coming from? A disgraceful sense of priorities.

Rostrevor, Co Down


Expression of thanks

I want to thank everyone who united with us during Dementia Action Week (May 21-27) to help the 20,400 people in Northern Ireland living with the condition.

We’d like to thank all those people who came together to attend or run information events up and down the country, the libraries, health centres and businesses that helped spread the word that small actions combine to make a big impact for people with dementia. Thanks too to MLAs and their staff who took time to become Dementia Friends.

Northern Ireland Director
Alzheimer’s Society

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