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Statement of fact should pose stark warning for taoiseach

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams once stated at a republican rally; “The British never disappoint their enemies. They only disappoint their friends, what can be bought can be sold.

This statement of fact should pose as a stark warning to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in these complex and ongoing discussions with the British government over the parting of ways with the eurozone. Hence, honeyed words, or sweet-nothings from Boris or Missus May should be taken for what they are worth –absolutely nothing.

Already the cracks appearing in what could be described as a widening gulf in differences as to how they can comply with the reality of the divorce proceedings. Alan Milburn as chair of the British governments social mobility commission, said he along with another three commissioners have resorted to throwing in the towel, because dealing with the Brexit issue means the government doesn’t have the required information at hand, to make sure that the widening social division in the aftermath of leaving will be matched with a process of healing to counter the imbalances that will ultimately prevail.

So there it is a ‘daoine uasal’ printed in black and white – disarray, disbelief, disunited, while leading the British public up the garden path where there is no garden of Eden at the end, as promised by the UKIP’s former Euro septic leader Nigel Farage. The brave Nigel fled the scene of electoral carnage, once he realised the scale of the mountain he had created from fuelling his Euro sceptic whingeing, founded solely on the basis of false information on immigration that was swallowed without question in areas of England that suffer from high unemployment and lack of investment. Now Boris Johnston is tasked with carrying Nigel’s torch of walking the plank.

They say that there is no clarity of neighbourliness when it comes to foreign affairs and this is something that new tánaiste Simon Coveney will find out very soon when he has to fathom the depths of discourteous rantings from the DUP.
So good luck to Simon Coveney  because protecting the Good Friday Agreement is a very important part of his portfolio.

The DUP’s threats of pulling out of the confidence and supply agreement with the Tories, if they are treated any differently to the residents of Finchley, is a complete bluff.
So please Taoiseach Varadkar and Tánaiste Coveney don’t let them bully, harass or outmanoeuvre you on negotiating a settlement until it is agreeable to our needs.

Gort an Choirce, Dun na nGall


Lack of imagination is unionists’ stock in trade

We were treated to Radio 4’s Any Questions from Newry last Friday and what a sad occasion it was. We had two unionists and Brexiteers on the panel – Nigel Dodds and KateHoey – and they did not either surprise nor disappoint with their narrow, blind and ultimately destructive analysis.
A lack of imagination and generosity of spirit have always been the unionists’ stock in trade but as we approach the third decade of the 21st century one might hope that someone would have that capacity.

Dodds went on at great length about the economic strength of Nrn Irn, (an ‘economy’ which is smaller than Marks & Spencer), being prejudiced by “special status” with the EU. In his less than forensic review, Dodds somehow managed to avoid mentioning one of the biggest employers in Nrn Irn, apart that is of course from HMG. Yes not a cheep about Bombardier. Funny is it not that the local MP Gavin Robinson has gone very quiet? Robinson is working against the EU while at the same time he has his fingers crossed, that with Airbus in mind, the EU will weigh in and save his constituents’ jobs, a tricky one, but then schizophrenia is a unionist speciality.

Back to imagination and lack thereof. Did it ever occur to the DUP that all those city jobs migrating to Paris and Frankfurt could come to Belfast instead as a sort of UK/Hong Kong, simultaneously in the EU and the UK? God, no, that would be too imaginative, positive and of course in their constituents’ interests. Needless to say Whitehall and Westminster would not be keen since it has never really been interested in Nrn Irn anyway.
If nothing else it would be a positive act which might even work, since as far as the EU is concerned these jobs are in the UK already. Just a thought.

Newry, Co Down


No deal or bad deal?

Britain cannot afford an open border with the Republic for there are more reasons against an open border than having a border between these two countries.

For a start there were 17-plus million British citizens who voted for Britain to leave the EU, from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Selecting Northern Ireland, to partially remain shackled to the EU would be a denial of Northern Ireland’s British identity/citizenship that I expect would be contrary, to international law as the civil rights of Northern Ireland’s citizens would be denied.

Many countries the world over have a border, eg the US and Canada – no problem experienced there with controlled movement of people in any direction, nor trade between each other.

While Britain cannot afford an Irish open border, the EU cannot afford Britain leaving, as this will beyond all doubt collapse the EU.

The main purpose of the EU is not trade but to have Britain’s monetary contributions and military power to progress the EU’s ultimate aim of having a European defence force, from 28 countries, particularly Britain.

It was Theresa May herself who once said that she preferred a no-deal to a bad deal. So, I say with respect, the British prime minister, the European Union with the assistance of the Republic, has granted her this opportunity to implement her original view.

Kircubbin, Co Down


Lundy is only word to describe DUP

As from Tuesday the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) can rename itself Protestant Sinn Féin (PSF) in that supporting the Conservative government on Brexit it has without realising it helped to take Northern Ireland a step closer to a United Ireland. The border has now been redrawn – something that Theresa May and the DUP said would not happen.

Arlene Foster and others within the DUP/PSF may now apply for their Irish passports now that the ‘Union’ appears to be dead, unless the DUP/PSF can turn things around if not then they will have achieved something that up to now Sinn Féin and the IRA have been unable to do and that is take Northern Ireland into a united Ireland. There is now only one word to describe the DUP/PSF and that is Lundy?

Popular Unionist, London


Crime against humanity

Those delegates who attended the recent ard fheis can be in no doubt that abortion on demand is the path they are now expected to take. For some, this puts them in a dilemma as what to do about it. It will be interesting to see who will follow the courageous example of Anne Brolly. This commendable person shook the very dust of Sinn Féin from her shoes and left it. We recently saw her remind us on TV that 96 per cent of babies are aborted because they are an inconvenience. Explain that on the doorsteps. This same problem also lies with those who vote Sinn Féin. Do you not feel betrayed by this party?
Many people will be outraged that some future children will no longer have the right to be born. If you stay silent, then this crime against humanity will be carried out in their name.

Is that what you want?

Coleraine, Co Derry

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