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Essential that Covid-19 test and trace data shared

"WE are following the science" was one of the most repeated phrases at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as governments and public health officials sought to explain the extraordinary actions they required of the public to slow the spread of Covid-19.

We must make this circuit breaker work

It is a matter of profound regret that only three short months after suppressing the virus and seeing cases dwindle to just a few a day, we are again seeing severe restrictions being imposed to tackle spiralling infection levels.

We must suppress the virus to protect the health service

The stark choices facing the executive were outlined by the health minister Robin Swann yesterday, who presented a paper warning that Covid-19 infection rates will keep rising if both schools and the hospitality sector remain open.

Ministers facing a monumental decision

As the Stormont executive prepares to make one of the most significant decisions of the current health emergency, a divergence in approach has become all too apparent which may have far-reaching consequences for us all.

Garfield Beattie's conduct was no joke

Very few people will agree with the claim by convicted loyalist murderer Garfield Beattie that his decision to send a letter to the daughter of one of his victims in the name of the East Tyrone UVF was a `black joke'.

Coleraine gun gang must be brought to justice

Even while we are all engaged in a fight against the deadly threat of the coronavirus, with the focus on saving lives, there remains a tiny minority of violent individuals who are intent on doing the absolute opposite.

Health service facing a daunting winter period

With spiralling infection rates and increasing hospital admissions, it is clear we are now experiencing the anticipated second wave of the pandemic with the full force of the winter flu season still to hit.

Opinion: A pet is not just for the pandemic

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The USPCA knows that after every Christmas they are going to be faced with providing care for a significant number of pets which had been bought during and for the festive period but then abandoned not long into the New Year.

EU correct to respond to UK's Brexit bad faith

BORIS Johnson's ill-advised Internal Market Bill was bound to draw a firm response from Brussels; its cavalier willingness to set aside commitments the British government made when it reached a Brexit withdrawal deal with the European Union could demand nothing less.

Presidential debate a depressing and chaotic joust

Presidential debates are landmark political events in the United States, a set-piece opportunity for the two people vying for the top office in the land to go head to head in a bid to sway voters.

Safety of students must be priority

Going to university is a rite of passage for thousands of young people, something they devote years of study to achieving and when they attain the necessary exam requirements, set off with hopes and dreams of a positive and enriching experience.

No justification for DUP attack on GAA

When elected representatives and other commentators offer their views on sporting bodies in a divided society, it is reasonable to expect that their contributions should be measured and kept in a proper context.

Health service must be transparent about Covid outbreaks

In a press briefing yesterday, health minister Robin Swann rightly highlighted the gravity of the coronavirus outbreaks at Craigavon Area Hospital and Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry which have claimed the lives of eleven patients.